There is beauty and charm in yester-year homes that simply cannot be replicated in modern times. At least, not without it costing you an arm and a leg. But, what if we tell you that the right home renovation ideas can bring your home up-to-date without sacrificing character? In this blog, we take a look at how to do just that.

Restore the areas you love

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Whether it is beautiful red-oxide flooring, or a pillared porch, or the inner courtyard, identify the features of your home that you absolutely love, and see if these areas need care and attention. If you love them enough, it’s definitely worth the effort to restore them to their former glory.

A new coat of paint

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Vivid green, orange or pink rooms were all the rage during the turn of the century, but that’s just not cute anymore. Also, older homes tend to have yellowing walls. A coat of white paint to the walls, molds, and trimmings can instantly modernize the space while retaining its vintage appeal.

Open plan layout

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While older homes have segmented rooms, open-plan layouts are the go-to feature in most contemporary dwellings. If it is within your budget, consult home interior designers in Chennai to see if you can knock down a few walls and have a semi-open home design. This way, you’ll still have touches of the home’s original design with a flow of open plan living.

Overhaul the furniture

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After years of use, your furniture could also use some TLC. Revamping old furniture is another cost-effective way to keep the old-school character in your home. Repaint the built-in shelves, polish your wooden furnishings and replace the upholstery with modern fabric. If you have to buy new furniture, opt for those with a more classic silhouette.

Update light fixtures

A home comes to life under the right light, and dull lighting is doing yours a disservice. Update the fixtures with brighter, more durable alternatives for a safe and comfortable home environment. But, keep the switches if possible to retain their vintage charm.

Those are our top 5 effective ways to update your home without losing its charm. Let us know in the comments below if you’ve tried any of these home renovation ideas and how they worked for you. If you are planning on implementing it and have no idea where to start, contact the best home interior designers in Chennai.