Why Choose Solar Homes?



  1. We have mastered the know-how through a decade of experience in design, development, construction, and management of several projects across India.
  2. We undertake projects for commercial, industrial, and residential customers. We are the partner of choice of many major solar developers in India.
  3. Service Quality is assured through impeccable process orientation and reporting of activities. We boast a highly qualified team to effectively manage every aspect of the plant life.
Luxury Home Interior Designers
Luxury Home Interior Designers



We help homeowners become self-sufficient in their power consumption through solar energy, thereby minimising energy costs as well as enhancing their lifestyle. We custom design every project with the aesthetics in mind, ensuring the solar installation blends with the building design.


We design and implement robust solar systems to cater to the energy needs of our customers, ensuring they become a contributor to positive green change with a significant reduction in operating energy costs. With over 25,000 kW of projects executed, we have a long standing experience in delivering high quality projects.

Think Solar. Think Savings.

Residential Solar Projects

Based on the consumption levels of customer and roof-space available, we plan –

  • What % of total consumption can be done through Solar Energy
  • What will be saved on monthly energy bills.
  • Design, supply, installation, and liaison with local
  • Assess Your Energy Needs: Start by evaluating your household’s energy consumption. Review your electricity bills to understand your average monthly usage and identify any patterns or high-demand periods. This assessment will help determine the size and capacity of the solar system you’ll need to meet your energy requirements.
  • Consider Your Roof’s Suitability: Evaluate the suitability of your roof for solar panel installation. Factors to consider include the roof’s orientation, tilt, shading from nearby objects (such as trees or buildings), and available space. Ideally, the roof should have sufficient unobstructed sunlight exposure throughout the day.

Meet Solar Suresh, a green energy revolutionary. Vibrant Spaces has partnered with Solar Suresh to understand sustainable energy and how we can include it in the houses we design.

Adopting sustainability in your home doesn’t have to be a difficult endeavour. When you choose Vibrant Spaces to design your home, we can help you adopt sustainable practices and install solar panels.

Solar is a cost-effective alternative to conventional electricity. When you install solar panels in your home, you will have the benefit of reduction in overall costs. Solar panels exempts you from the electrical tariffs that increase every year. 

Make the best decision for your home and install solar panels with Vibrant Spaces.

Do your part for the planet, install solar panels!

Design with a conscience

Are you ready to take your energy savings and sustainability to the next level?

Discover grid-tied solar systems, where cutting-edge technology meets eco-friendly living.

Let’s create a brighter, cleaner future together!

Are You Considering Going Off-Grid With Solar

Types of solar systems you can install in your homes:


With Grid Tied Systems the solar power that is generated is directly fed into your house along with the grid. Solar power is utilised completely and the excess power if required is drawn from the grid (EB). If the solar during the day is in excess it is given back to the grid (EB). We need to apply and change the existing EB metre to NET metre to account for the units exported to EB.


  1. No batteries or storage required.
  2. Cost effective – less initial investment.
  3. Reduces your power bill
  4. Works for all kinds of equipment in the house


  1. No power back up during power cuts.


In offgrid systems, the solar power that is generated is used to both, directly feed the appliances during the day and also store the excess solar energy in the batteries provided. When the power goes off the batteries supply the required power to the equipment. There is no export of power to the grid (EB).


  1. Back up energy during power cuts
  2. Used in places with frequent power cuts does not need grid power (In some cases)


  1. Cost of the system is slightly higher
  2. Heavy loads like AC cannot be connected unless a large system is used
  3. Maintenance of batteries does not need grid power (In some cases)
  4. No big savings in the EB bill



Can I use solar power during power outages?2023-04-23T18:19:27+00:00

Solar power generated during power outages can be stored in batteries. These systems are called hybrid systems as they have battery storage facilities as well as a grid connection.

Why is solar generation stopped during a power outage, when solar is required more than ever?2023-04-23T18:19:59+00:00

Solar power generation is stopped as a safety precaution. Exporting solar power may cause electric shock to electrical personnel working on the grid.

What are the key pre-requirements for rooftop solar setup?2023-04-23T18:21:06+00:00

A shadow free area on the rooftop. (Even a small shadow could affect generation output on the entire string of panels.)

Approx 100-120 sqft is required for installing a 1kWp system.

Ideally, the wiring b/w solar panel on the roof and inverter placed indoor shouldn’t be more than 20m to avoid DC losses.

Inverter and metres should be placed at a conveniently accessible location indoors away from sun/rain.

Batteries need to be placed indoors, separately.

What are the financial benefits of solar energy?2023-04-23T18:21:48+00:00

When you install a solar energy system on your property, you save money on your electricity bills and protect yourself against rising electricity rates in the future. How much you save depends on the utility rates and solar policies in your area, but going solar is a smart investment regardless of where you live.

What are the environmental benefits of solar energy?2023-04-23T18:22:48+00:00

Solar power, like other renewable energy resources, has many environmental and health benefits. Going solar reduces greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute to climate change, and also results in fewer air pollutants like sulphur dioxide and particulate matter, which can cause health problems.

How long will my solar power system last?2023-04-23T18:23:36+00:00

Generally, solar panels are very durable and capable of withstanding snow, wind, and hail. The components of your solar power system will need to be replaced at different times, but your system should continue to generate electricity for 25 to 35 years.