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A wardrobe is one of the most personal pieces of furniture in a home. Just like how no two people have the same clothing styles, no two wardrobes can be the same. Where someone would want smaller shelves and multiple cubbies to colour-coordinate their exquisite denim or sweater collection. Others might want long hanging racks to ensure their summer dresses and stunning ethnic wear remain wrinkle-free.

Personalizing wardrobe space is crucial to creating a loveable everyday experience. From pull-down rods to trouser racks and jewellery draws, the best modular wardrobe designers in Chennai ensure every staple item in your closet has its own special home that’s easily accessible. With contemporary designs, sturdy materials and a sleek finish, Vibrant wardrobes put your style, utility and needs above all. So, walk into Vibrant and win the game of wardrobe tetris.

Since wardrobes are a long-term purchase, it makes sense to weigh every aspect and decide wisely.

Here, we explain the different types of wardrobe doors available so that you can choose wisely depending on the ease of usage, maintenance, and space requirements.

  • Sliding Wardrobes
  • Hinged or Swing Wardrobes
  • Bi fold Wardrobes

These three types of wardrobe doors have their own merits, and their suitability will depend on your requirements or the limitations of your room.

Modular wardrobes are the best solution for all your storage needs, from clothes and soft furnishings to shoes, luggage, etc.

Vibrant provides the most innovative wardrobe solutions that elevate and maximise your wardrobe interiors while delivering creative designs that match your taste and budget for the exterior doors of the wardrobe. Adding to that, we give you a 2D and a 3D view of the wardrobe’s exterior and interior.

Each wardrobe internal is customized to suit your unique needs that reflect your lifestyle.

We have designed more than 3000 + wardrobes with various colours and textures for you to choose from.

Sliding wardrobes

Sliding doors are movable doors that glide horizontally along metal channels fixed to the top and bottom of the wardrobe. Given their sleek, contemporary look, sliding doors make a style statement. This type of door doesn’t require much room since it slides to the left or right. If you wish to choose a sliding door, keep in mind that sliding doors work and look best when you have at least two or more doors.


  • Extensive Length
  • Wider reach for quick and easy use
  • Space – Saving

Types of Sliding Wardrobes

Streaks Sliding Wardrobes

Impression Sliding Wardrobes

Classical Sliding Wardrobes

Glaze Sliding Wardrobes

Highlights Sliding Wardrobes

Crystal Sliding Wardrobes

Latitude Sliding Wardrobes

Mosaic Sliding Wardrobes

Reflection Sliding Wardrobes

Tesseract Sliding Wardrobes

Hinged wardrobes

A swing door is the most common type of door where the shutter is attached to the closet with hinges. These are the conventional choices for wardrobes. Hinged doors can work with cabinets designed in any shape, including L-shaped, triangular, and pentagonal corner wardrobes.


  • Improved visibility
  • More hanging space
  • More colour and finish options

Armadio wardrobes

Armadio wardrobes are a global system of good modular designs for doors.

This range uniquely comprises shutters that go from floor to ceiling. They give a seamless look that reflects luxury in any space.

This wardrobe extends up to a height of 9.5 feet, compared to a regular sliding wardrobe, which is about 7 feet tall and requires separate units for the loft. This elevated look also makes the room look much bigger than the actual size.


  • Offers a luxurious look
  • Makes the room appear bigger
  • Easy to access and reach

Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold doors are similar to sliding doors. Instead of one large panel, bi-fold doors consist of a selection of smaller panels that fold outward as they glide along the tracks.

A less expensive option compared to sliding doors. These doors ensure improved visibility of the contents of your wardrobe. Since they use a number of moving parts, bi-fold doors are more susceptible to wear and tear, especially from rough handling. While sliding doors can be used for wardrobe widths up to 10 feet, bi-fold doors can be used for a maximum width of seven feet.