Good Mental Health Begins at Home

Our environment has a huge impact on our mind and our mood. As discussions surrounding mental health are brought to the forefront, we also need to consider how our home makes us feel. In this blog, let’s discuss how the choice of interiors, from the colours we pick to the finer decor details, can help create home designs for a healthy, happy mind.

Clutter-free Environment

Clutter comes at a cost – the cost of energy spent dreading about cleaning the house, the cost of time spent looking for lost things, as well as the cost of money replacing lost things only to find them again in a few months. This is why organisation systems, frequent decluttering, and tidying up can boost our mood dramatically. Clutter-free surfaces are also easier to clean which also has a therapeutic effect on our psyche.

Colours and Their Effects

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The spectrum of colors have varied effects on the body. For instance, an overly vibrant colour scheme can heighten feelings of unease or anxiety. However, a soothing hue can help you feel happier and relaxed. Colour theory suggests that yellow encourages feelings of happiness and joy, red and orange tones stimulate an appetite, while cool green and blue tones help create a serene environment. Interior designers in Chennai often choose the colour palette based on the functionality of the room.

Lighting And Your Mood

minimalist furniture

Besides creating a cosy vibe to your abode, lighting plays a key role in creating a happy home. 15 minutes of exposure to natural light helps the brain release endorphins that uplifts our mood. Ensuring plenty of natural lighting in the living room and study can make these happy and productive places. On the flip side, your brain’s pineal gland needs a cool, dark environment to secrete the melatonin needed for a good night’s rest. An ideal bedroom is well-ventilated and fitted with softer lights or fixtures that can be dimmed in the evening.

Mother Nature and Harmony

“Stimulating natural environments at home can help us relax.”

Studies have pointed out that plants can especially improve one’s mood, concentration and memory retention. Aside from including potted plants and flower vases in the home design, you can try opening up the house to the outdoors with large windows. Pictures and artwork of the ocean or tropical greenery also evoke a happy feeling. Water features such as small bird baths or indoor fountains can also help you incorporate nature into your home.

We hope this blog encourages you to pay attention to how you feel in your space. When you realise what’s making you uncomfortable, small adjustments can help you transform it from a source of stress to your private oasis of calm and comfort. If you are seeking professionals help, contact your nearest home interior designers in Chennai.