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Your home should tell a story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love! 

But if you live in a rented apartment this can be a challenge, especially if your landlord has drawn up an iron-clad rental agreement! However, we are not going to let a little thing like rules get in the way of creating a cozy home, are we? We have rounded up some decor ideas for rental apartments that don’t just involve adding accessories and paraphernalia! 

Jazz up the walls

Repainting your home can be tedious, especially if you live in a rental. However, it is not the only way to overhaul your home. Opt for contact paper (the lesser-known cousin of Vinyl) instead! 

Contact paper wall

Compared to wallpaper or vinyl, it is the cheaper and thinner alternative. Not to mention, the umpteen number of ways you can style it. You can cut it to your desired shape and install them, or put up whole sheets. The result is a visually stunning wall! But we suggest you take this beyond walls and enliven some old furniture begging for a much needed glam job! 

Textured ceiling tiles 

Textured 3D wallpapers on your ceilings are another alternative that will elevate your bare home. With a dizzying array of options, we mean quite literally in certain cases. This works especially well in the case of monotone rooms that add visual interest without taking away from the colour or decor scheme. 

Be “floored”

When it comes to styling, don’t take your floors for granted! Just like your walls, you have different renter-friendly flooring options that are functional, yet stylish with easy ‘peel-and-stick’ tiles. That way, you don’t have to worry about your original flooring.  

Vinyl tiles/sheets

These look a lot like your regular tiles, making them the best option if you want tiling that looks neat and traditional. They are mostly water-proof and keep your real floor protected, which is perfect for when you have kids or pets. These will peel right off when you vacate the home.

Foam tiles

These are the next-gen foam mats. Since these are cushioned, they feel great on the feet. They work best in smaller spaces like play areas or reading corners. 

Multifunctional is the new functional

With rentals, you have to make the best of your existing space. But we know how you can rock that too – multifunctional furniture. You can get these ready-made or custom-built for your space from bespoke furniture designers in Chennai. And the best part is that they come with added storage! 

Hydraulic beds

These beds are usually mechanised saving you the effort of manually opening under the bed storage. They take up the same space as a regular bed but offer you more storage than one. 

Duty Box wardrobe

Duty box wardrobe

These long compact wardrobes, double as a vanity and extend storage capacity. Their sleek style conceals the storage with a mirror or fancy panel, making your space look less cramped. This is perfect for bedrooms that are on a space crunch. You have a sleek wardrobe as well as a full-length mirror.

You don’t have to stop with just these though. Here are top 5 space-saving furniture options for your homes that can help you inspire your own decor ideas for rental apartments.  

Who said renters can’t have fun? In addition to these, you can always brighten up a small space with simple things like a mirror, sheer curtains, and warm lights. So, style up your home with these tips or contact the best budget interior designers in Chennai to get it styled. Your landlord might just pay you back for transforming their house.