Building communities in commercial spaces.

United, we stand.

Located on the Sadhu Bet, 3.5 KM from the Sardar Sarovar Dam on the Narmada river, the Statue of Unity is an unparalleled confluence of engineering and art.

Vibrant Spaces is proud to have been an integral part of the building of the world’s tallest statue, The Statue of Unity. 

The Statue of Unity is a patriotic marvel that pays homage to Bharat Ratna Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the first Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister of India from 1947 to 1950, sculpted by Padma Bushan Shri Ram Sutar.

We were the only South Indian design company shortlisted to contribute to this monument. The statue’s size needed us to work with technical precision and dedication, our work for this monument was a rare and wonderful experience that our team was able to not only complete, but excel in.

The designs of tomorrow, here today.

For Agnikul, an aerospace manufacturer in the National Center for Combustion R&D of IIT Madras, Chennai, Vibrant Spaces designed a futuristic office. We are proud to have worked on this unique and revolutionary project. 

Vibrant Spaces was chosen to design this futuristic marvel out of 8 competing architectural firms. 

Designed with materials that reflect the work of Agnikul, we took an approach that represented the brand and their work authentically and effortlessly. This Star Trek based project was inaugurated by Shri. N. Chandrasekaran (Chairman, TATA Sons) and Shri. S. Somanath (Secretary, Department of Space & Chairman, ISRO).

Agnikul was a one of a kind project that required design chops that could tie the beauty of aerospace engineering to interior design. We also wanted to ensure that this could be a space that would benefit both their employees as well as their clients.



JSW Corporate Office, Chennai.

JSW Steel is an innovative and research based company that has famously partnered with global leader JFE Steel of Japan, giving them access to new and state-of-the-art technologies to produce & offer high-value special steel products to their customers. 

For the corporate office of Jindal Vijayanagar Steel Ltd, we took a simplistic yet colourful approach. The office had to accommodate potential clients and staff. The office was designed with stimulating and exciting colours to ensure that staff have a positive space to work in.

The work we did for JSW in Chennai was an interesting project that married innovation, creativity, and colour. Our unique take on this stimulating and fun office led to the perfect blend of utility and entertainment.

A Vibrant Glow!

One of our most unique projects was Glo Clinic in Anna Nagar! This skin clinic was designed with one thing in mind; comfort. 

Due to the nature of the work done here, we needed to design a space that would put patients at ease when they came to the clinic. The Glo Clinic interiors have both technical precision and comfort etched into the walls, making it the perfect place for doctors to work and patients to be treated in.

Other projects we’ve worked on:

Bikers Den, Royapettah.

This project was one of a kind. We tied the beauty of motor working and the love of biking to create a space that welcomes the community of bikers. The space is lit in a way that affords a level of mystery and makes that space a great place to unwind and find community. The biking community in Chennai is bigger than ever and we were thrilled to create a space for them.

Nizam Marriage Hall, Tanjore.

When we designed this marriage hall, we embraced the beauty of marriage. We used simplicity and balance as our inspiration. Marriage halls are an auspicious area so we tried our best to not only follow the necessary vastu requirements but also make sure the space was well-lit for photography and designed to accommodate a large number of people.

Annamalai Warehouse, Redhills Poochi Athipedu.

Like most warehouses, this one required us to design with optimization of space. The warehouse was meant to house large quantities of products while also accommodating navigation of staff. This project led to us creating the most out of a space while still following the necessary precautions of safety, storage, and circulation.

Our Other Completed Projects

  • Kites Restaurant
  • Bikers Den
  • Design And Beyond Architects
  • Touch And Chill
  • Chennai Smart City Limited
  • Unipunch Tooling Private Limited
  • Integrated Service Point
  • Doctor Saravanan Hospital At Tindivanam
  • Blaze Enforserve Private Limited
  • Seashell Logistics
  • Digital Track Solutions Private Limited
  • Express Infrastructure Private Limited
  • Data Sift Mysuru
  • Ozone Technologies And Systems India Pvt Ltd
  • Chennai’s Amirtha
  • Shakti Shoes
  • Bharat Steel
  • Selco Hr
  • Sumangali Since
  • Credit Agricole
  • Access Healthcare Services Private Limited
  • Urban Space
  • Parasu Dental
  • Clinton Inn
  • Pentagon Lubricants
  • Doors And Beyond
  • Jireh Auto Lounge
  • Shri Agarwal Ispat
  • Steel Shoppe India Private Limited
  • Saanvi Fertility Center
  • Yes Germany
  • Mbm Chairs
  • Zebro Officemate
  • Ark Veterinary Clinic
  • Akeyem And Sons
  • Spaak Super Infra Private Limited
  • Specialty Papers And Boards
  • Conveyor Teknik Private Limited
  • Pioneer Inc
  • Nagappa Papers
  • Pamba Textile Office
  • Multi Link Management Consultants
  • Jayam And Co
  • Saravana Supermarket
  • Women And Children Foundations
  • Decon Architects
  • Cintamani Builders
  • Madhavrao Agencies
  • Perfect Manpower Consultancy
  • Doctor Arjun Clinic