Make laundry days fun again with these smart utility area design tips

Make laundry days fun again with these smart utility area design tips

While the kitchen is lauded as the engine of the house, the utility room represents the wheels that spin continuously to keep the train moving forward. For a space that works so hard for you, it is time to give back some love. When designed and planned properly, utility rooms can be an exclusive room for your chores, an extension of your kitchen, and even a place to just escape into. So here are some utility area design tips to spruce up your space.


Most appliances come in limited colour options, but that doesn’t have to restrict your decor options! Why not keep your utilities tucked away from plain sight with rustic textured wooden doors. If that is not an option, use appliance covers to add pops of colour to your space. 

Keep the volume down 

Open floor plans are great until you have a noisy appliance or two! Install dividers, curtains, etc., to absorb the sound. Mount your appliances on Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) and make sure it is not too close against a wall or cabinet to reduce the impact of the appliance vibrations. 

All that is pretty is nice   

After securing and stowing away the appliances, it’s time to talk aesthetics! Adding a rug to the utility room can help keep your feet warm (because who likes the feel of bare feet on a cold floor), and serve as a focal point. If you are looking for durability over form, opt for stainless steel countertops that can withstand regular wear & tear, and occasional spills.

Multiple personalities

Do more with your utility room and transform it into a multifunctional space by integrating some functional must-haves. For instance, a small tub can serve be placed to soak heavily stained garments as well as an exclusive spa station for your pets. Talk to our expert team of interior designers in Chennai to see how to make this work for your space. Have kids at home? With a few hanging hooks, create a dedicated space for them to hang up their sweaty clothes, shoes, and sports gear so they don’t have to mix with your daily wearables.  

Don’t forget the walls  

Make your space feel fresh and open with hues of blues, greens and off-white or go vibrant with an accent wall with textured wallpaper. If you have limited space in your room, why not install a backsplash instead? Make use of the vertical space by mounting iron boards, hanging racks et also you can fold them out of your way based on your need. 

Complement your room with plants like Chrysanthemum, Lady palm, Snake plant, Lavender, Tea Rose Begonia. Not only are they stunning to look at, they are known to be natural air purifiers and absorb odors. So, call in the fam, and make laundry a fun family exercise with these utility area design tips.

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