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Over the years, display units have morphed to assume many roles. They have come to be more than just a place where you proudly show off your mementos and memoirs. Contemporary display units can be used to separate an open floor plan, or just to give a facelift to the space. For instance, a display unit that conceals the pooja room within can help blend a traditional space into your contemporary home.

So, whether it’s a modernised server in your dining room that holds your china, a bar display, your library, a TV unit, a gaming station or even a stylised wall that acts as a focal point; a display unit is among the most versatile pieces in a home.

When planned well, the right display can enhance the theme of your interiors, whether you opt for a cosy, minimalist, traditional, rustic or contemporary look. Which makes it crucial for you to get the perfect display unit for your space. Talk to some of the best interior decorators in Chennai to nail down the perfect piece for you.