A tiny kitchen is no reason you can’t enjoy cooking, but it does mean that every inch of space is prime real estate. You’ll have to be clever with your design and incorporate a few kitchen organisation ideas to make life easier. Here are a few simple kitchen organisation ideas to maximise the available counter space without compromising on style.

Over-The-Sink Cutting Board

Get a cutting board that comfortably sits over your sink. Not only do you get plenty more space to work, this also makes cleaning up easier. You can give everything a quick rinse as you’re working.

Pull-Out Counter Space 

Don’t let a lack of space hinder your culinary adventures. Just build a pullout work space into your kitchen cabinets and slide it out as and when you need. But, make sure the pullout unit is the right size for your cabinets. For a completely custom modular kitchen in Chennai, you can also get in touch with us.

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Magnetic Knife Bar For Kitchen

Every chef needs his tools, but even a simple knife block may be too much clutter in a tiny kitchen. A magnetic knife bar can help keep these everyday tools within your reach. It’s also a clever way to keep them away from the prying hands of young children.

kitchen organisation ideas for knife counter

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Hanging Mason Jar Shelf

Mason jars are a universally loved storage solution, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to take it up a notch (quite literally!). Screw the lids to the bottom of a shelf or cabinet, and now you can use both sides of the shelf as storage. Fill up the jar with everyday spices, snacks or anything else that you’d like. 

hanging mason jars for saving space in kitchen

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Sink Caddy

Caddys are not just for your toothbrushes. Tuck away your wet sponges and scrubbers in a simple mesh caddy by the sink. You can even get ones with additional storage space for the liquid soap and a handy rail for hanging the dish towel.

These are our 5 simple kitchen organisation ideas to get maximum counter space. Have you tried any of the above?If not, call your interior designers in Chennai today. Were there any other tips that we missed? Let us know in the comments below.