The many facets of Quartz countertops

The many facets of Quartz countertops

There is a new emerging super material in the world of interiors. You might have heard of this as an option for your dining tabletops. But what if we tell you this engineered stone can give you much more than natural stone.

Quartz is made under controlled conditions with a unique blend of crushed stone and adhesive. And for this very reason it solves almost every other problem that comes with natural stone. Chipped edges, cracks and high maintenance are things of the past. Apart from all this, it perfectly mimics the look and feel of even the most luxurious stones like marble, without burning a hole in your pocket!  

Let’s dive deeper into this material to unveil its many facets! 


While a natural stone top looks stunning, it needs a lot of extra care and maintenance to make sure it is durable. For instance, you will have to be careful of spills, hot pots. Quartz, on the other hand, is very durable and hence is preferred over others in high-density areas like the kitchen. 

Two reasons: one, it is heat and stain resistant so its versatility ranges from countertops to backsplash. And two, it holds up well even against the strongest cleaning products. So next time, the spills won’t distract you from unleashing the masterchef in you! 


Because it is engineered stone, it is available in a wide range of colours, textures and looks, or can even be made to order. Which means you can even get the perfect replica of marble or granite countertops that you have been eyeing, at a much lesser budget! 

The best part – it does not need constant sealant applications like natural stone. This makes it relatively easier to clean and maintain especially when your counter includes a sink. Even without a sealant, you don’t need to bother about continuous exposure to water or cleaning solutions. 


Since it can be cut into any shape or size, you can use this for practically any space in your home, not just the kitchen! From floors to walls; tabletops for your living or dining to chopping boards and even serving trays – the list is never-ending! If you want more inspiration as to how you can style it for your dining table, head right here.


Quartz flooring is a high traction surface, which means that it becomes less slippery when wet than marble and granite. Additionally, the density of this material and its nearly poreless surface prevents it from easily absorbing spills and housing germs.

This makes it a great choice for spaces that need to be clean and hygienic and also skid-free, like bathrooms, utility room counters, or even poolside flooring.

So, why wait? Go gaga over your new quartz countertops. Team up with the best interior designers in Chennai, and style your homes with this budget-friendly luxury!