Dining Table Top Ideas to Spruce Things Up

One of the most iconic set pieces in your dining room would inevitably be your dining table. Deep conversations often happen over dinner, and it would be an irreverence to not have your dining table be conducive. With that covered, one must also consider the style requirements, investment, and the practicality of the desired table tops. To help you understand better, here are a few suggestions for table top materials before you get to the nearest home interior designers in Chennai.

Wooden Top:

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Wooden table tops aren’t hard to find; they are probably at every home you visit. Despite their abundance, they continue to add elegance simply by virtue of their stature. Home interior designers in Chennai swear by the wooden table top because of its customization capabilities—whether it’s a regular table or one designed from premium wood carved to your liking, wooden table tops are for everyone.

Marble Top:

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Marble is synonymous with luxury. Layering a marble top to your dining table adds significant value and demands respect in ways that could change the way your peers perceive you. Marble, by itself, is sophisticated and portrays affluence, but the money paid for marble is earned back via the glam it brings to your dining room. Both Indian and Italian marble offer their own distinctive qualities and looks. A marble table top also provides better durability and can take on heavier loads, which may come in handy for larger gatherings.

Quartz Top:

If you are a tad short on the finances for a marble top, a quartz top could be your ideal choice. It is pretty much everything marble is, if not more. It is more scratch resistant, and requires lesser maintenance. It also has its own variety of colors and original identities like the Calacatta, Hanstone, and the Endura, to name a few. People often confuse marble with quartz, so unless you have a Geologist over at your next dinner gathering, you could pretty much enjoy the spotlight.

Glass Top:

Anything with a high rate of fragility is often considered prestigious. Glass is no exception. Glass tops on your dining table give off an effortless and chic vibe in the room. Just like the wooden tops, glass can be cut and designed to the shape and size of your liking. Interior decorators in Chennai can also be used as a second coating atop a laminated wooden top, which would add more style and panache if done right. Even though glasses are easy to clean, they are prone to scratches. Considering their fragility, a glass top would require extra care while in use.

Veneer top

Predominantly known as laminated top, a veneer table top could be the ideal choice for anyone looking to add a subtle mix of elegance to a fascinating work of art. Veneer top coatings can be designed in various textures and are highly customizable in this regard. Veneer is usually applied as a coating to wooden table tops, and can be cut into various shapes and sizes. It strikes the right balance between style and substance, and can adapt to the theme of your dining room very easily.

If the aforementioned ideas weren’t the ones you were looking for, do not fret, as we have plenty more to help you with. Feel free to contact us at Vibrant Spaces—your one-stop destination for premium interior decorators in Chennai.