Why team Vibrant is one of the top interior designers in Chennai

Why team Vibrant is one of the top interior designers in Chennai

With the growing popularity and demand for interior design, there has been a sharp increase in the number of studios and designers in the market. So, what sets team Vibrant apart, making them one of the top interior designers in Chennai

Beyond interiors

At Vibrant, our motivation has always been to turn everyone’s dream homes into reality. Naturally, our organic expansion from home interior designers in Chennai to a one stop destination for every home need was inevitable. We now offer construction and renovation services as well!

We stay true to our word

At Vibrant, we understand the emotion that goes behind a dream home, and we don’t take it for granted. We respect every second and every rupee you invest in a project. It is for this reason we swear by our 45-day completion promise – one we’ve abided by in 100% of all our projects to date. Our ever-growing customer base stands testament to this!

Sometimes, we even beat that clock. Hear it from Mr. Wasim Shaik – Strategy Marketing Head IBCL, We were on a time crunch and only had 15 days to move in. The team at Vibrant promised the project would be completed in two weeks, and to our surprise, it was!

Quality without a compromise

With over 75+ quality checks and the use of the highest quality materials, we ensure your interiors stand the test of time. Don’t believe us? Here is what Mr. Deepak Khanna – Vice President, MRF Limited – has to say about our promise of quality, “Not only the clean flat design but the high quality of material used has been appreciated by a large fraternity of my friends.

Service beyond business

From colours to spatial planning, our designers and technicians pour their heart into every project. For us, interior design is more than a business, it is about building a relationship. Here is what Mr. Navin Gautham – Director & Country Manager at Aleron Shared Resources – has to say about this,Customer satisfaction was always their priority. If we needed advice, their team was always ready to offer their expertise and knowledge.

We mean it when we say, “Vibrant Spaces – Design that transforms, not just transpires.” On that note, why push your plans for your home any further? Get on a call with one of the top interior designers in Chennai, and see your dream home come to life!