3 Tips To Keep Dust At Bay

3 Tips To Keep Dust At Bay

“Shut the doors, seal every gap, tape down the windows, cover every piece of furniture” 

Do you go on a rampage every time you extract a dust bunny from your sofa’s underbelly? We all know that no matter how meticulous your cleaning routine may be, dust has a way of creeping into our homes. While it is near impossible to have a complete dust-free home, here are some easy and practical ways to get pretty close!

Tape it away! 

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to minimise dust, then dust tapes are your best bet! These tapes come in different shapes and sizes that fit in any gap of your home. For instance, the space around your doors and windows or even along the sides of your stovetops. 

These are available online and are very budget-friendly. 

While you are browsing online for these tapes, throw a dust tape roller into your cart as well. It is like a lint roller, but for your home! They help you clean those sharp corners, uneven and delicate surfaces, or any other place your vacuum, broom, or dust cloth can’t cover.

Water it down

Water is known to bring in a sense of calm and also good luck, but turns out they help with dust as well. This is because dust has a tendency to gravitate towards water bodies, keeping the rest of the space clean and dust-free. Whether you want to go all out and install a pond in your portico or get a simple water fountain – it all helps. 

Install it in places where you are prone to get a lot of dust, like – entryways, near your windows, close to your balconies, etc. If a water body is part of your vision for a dream home, there is no time like the present to get started. Call our interior design consultants in Chennai today! 

Show off your windows

Thick, automated curtains or day and night curtains certainly lend an air of sophistication to your space and are helpful in cutting off the light. The only downside being, they require regular deep cleaning.

But, fret not, we’ve got a solution for that as well – window films. 

They are easy peel-off stickers that you can cut to fit your windows. They come in a multitude of styles like– frosted glass, vinyl sheets, patterns, prints, and even weather films to suit the look and feel of your room. They can completely pull off all the essential functions of a regular curtain, including privacy. Window films are mostly one way, in the sense that you can not look in from the outside. 

But if you still want the feel of curtains in your space, opt for blinds over curtains. They are relatively easier to clean than the latter.  

With that, stay in control of these ‘uninvited guests’ and breathe freely in a dust-free home! 

Are you moving into a new space? Well, there are a few things like better space planning, that you can do to help manage dust effectively. Get on a call with the best interior designers in Chennai and let’s get started.