What gives a house the undeniable stamp of its people? 

While furnishings make a house comfortable and practical, art infuses a home with flair, style, creativity, colour, and taste. Whether they are on walls for everyone to see, or delicately blend in with the existing colour scheme, art has the undeniable effect of brightening up, and even reshaping, the aesthetics of your home. 

Home interior designers in Chennai have long thought about the best ways to choose the right artwork for your home. Art connoisseur or novice, here’s a guide to choosing art that brings out your inner sparkle. 

Tip #1 – The Perfect Colours

wall art work for home

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When choosing art, one of the first things you consider is colour. You can either select pieces that complement the decor, or supplement it. For example, you can have a floral scheme with an addition of a floral art piece. On the other hand, you can contrast the room’s decor with a bold and abstract painting too! While both options appeal depending on what you want out of your home, it is essential that your selection integrates well into the space. Interior designers in Chennai can help you pick the perfect colours for your artwork.

Tip #2 – Find Hidden Gems from Local Artists 

A leisurely stroll through your neighbourhood shopping hub will reveal a number of hidden artistic gems by local and street artists – charcoal sketches, murals, paintings, and even photographs. While the greats definitely have their own place in history, picking up a piece by a local artist is a great way to put up unique and vernacular art, while being supportive of them. 

Tip #3 – Artsy Travel Souvenirs 

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Art is an enormous world, encompassing hundreds of different styles, strokes, and tastes from around the world. Whether it is the suburb next to your town or a faraway tourist paradise, picking up art from your travel destinations gives you a chance to bring pieces of the world home – and with it, the memories, feelings, and passion that only travel can conjure!

Tip #4 – As Eclectic as Your Personality 

Contrast has a two-fold gift – it brings excitement to a room, and helps highlight all parts of your personality. When it comes to art, choosing from different eras, styles, and artists shapes a house that makes a statement.  Home interior designers in Chennai advise that a piece of modern art in an otherwise traditional room creates a striking focal point. The old and the new, the bright and the subdued, the bold and the demure – mixing it up can bring unexpected and welcome changes to your home. 

Tip #5 – Pick the Optimum Size 

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When it comes to choosing the size of your artwork, bigger pieces are usually better. A useful tip is to choose a piece that covers between 3/7 and 4/7 of the available space. If you covet a smaller piece of art, then choose a thicker frame to complement the size. Interior designers in Chennai can help you create a gallery wall,  if you are looking to mix and match both the big and the small. 

Tip #6 – Give Each Piece the Perfect Home 

Although when we picture art, our mental image may recall only walls, today’s artwork knows no limitations on placement. Aside from being hung up, it can also be placed on the floor against the wall, or used to create vignettes along with your personal items and mementos. After you’ve decided where to put the piece, also keep in mind the size and frame of the artwork.

Tip #7 – DIY 

While deciding which artists get the coveted spots in your home, don’t rule yourself out! Creating and placing your own pieces is the best way to fully express your personality.