Deep cleaning Checklist for Your Home: A Room-by-Room Guide

Deep cleaning leads to a more organized and healthy lifestyle when done right and frequently.Whether it is your often used kitchen or a bathroom that’s most susceptible to get messy, a clean and hygienic space is both an aesthetic delight and, increasingly, a necessity. This time, give your home a little extra care and love through deep-cleaning.

Here’s a room-by-room guide on how to deep clean your house. Most home interior designers in Chennai swear by these deep cleaning methods that are specifically tailored to tropical and humid climates.


bathroom deep cleaning in chennai

Before beginning to clean, spray the major surfaces such as showers, bathtubs, sinks and toilets with a multi-purpose cleaner that can remove grime, rust, and oils, and scrub them down thoroughly. To clear soap or water spots on mirrors and glass shower doors, apply some warm white vinegar to the surfaces, let it sit for half an hour or so, and then scour them off with baking soda. Disinfect door handles, shower heads, and taps with multi-purpose cleaner since these places are prone to more germs than others. Clean out all your drawers and cabinets by emptying them, wiping the bottom, and removing any cobwebs.

Cleaning Bathroom Tiles

Lastly for the bathroom tiles, dilute the multi purpose cleaner and spray on the tiles and let it sit for 20 minutes. By using a cleaning brush with hard bristles, you can scrub the floor and wall tiles to remove grout strains,dirt.Finally rinse the bathroom floor tiles and wall tiles with generous amount of clean water.

Living Room

cleaning under sofa

Begin by gently dusting all surfaces, such as table top, doors, electronics, and showcase souvenirs in your living room. If you have wooden furniture, you can first clean them with a dust rag, and follow it up with a wood cleaner or polish. You can easily remove scratches from wooden floors or furniture by rubbing a walnut on it. A great way to treat rugs and carpets is to either shampoo or steam-clean them. For this, you can use the “steam” function on your iron, if you prefer not to go to the dry cleaners! Remove your curtains and launder them. Clean your windows using a glass cleaner. You can remove dust and fluff by vacuuming your sofas, chairs, floors, and rugs.For your flooring, depending on the type of tiles used in your drawing room choose the best surface cleaner and dilute it using water. Mop the entire flooring using this and let it dry.


bedroom cleaning

The first thing to do when deep-cleaning your bedroom is to wash all bedding, including sheets, pillowcases, and blankets. Flip your mattress. To freshen it up, apply a bit of baking soda, and vacuum it after 45 minutes. Make sure to dust all surfaces, including headboards and ceiling fans. Mop under the bed, as well as under dressers and wardrobes. This is the room that you may use the most, so take extra care to nurture the room interiors!


modular kitchen cleaning

Modular kitchen designs in Chennai are ideal  for the quintessential Indian family, and so, the materials used in such kitchens reduce the impact of heavy-duty cooking on them. That being said, even the best of kitchen interiors deserve routine cleaning and maintenance. You might want to clear out any old food or utensils that you do not need anymore.

Especially for this space, you can consider switching to a natural cleaning agent like vinegar or baking soda since you don’t want to end up adulterating the food with harsh cleaning chemicals. Start with the fridge. Take out all the food and switch off the appliance before you begin to clean. Make sure to clean every crevice, especially near the rubber door gasket, carefully. You can use a glass-cleaner or a disinfectant to clean the handles, and the surface of the fridge.

Kitchen Accessories Cleaning

Modular kitchen accessories generally consists of several multi-purpose racks and top-of-the-line utility cabinets. Wipe down all the kitchen cabinets and countertops, using vinegar to remove grease spots, and a damp rag to remove dust.

Disinfect all sponges and rags by soaking them in a mixture of bleach and water for five minutes. Vinegar can be a valuable tool (especially when mixed with water and heated) to help remove food blotches from the oven and the microwave.
Once you’re done cleaning, organize your food stock according to needs to avoid hoarding unnecessary items.

This thorough deep-cleaning process will ensure that you have a living room as good as new, bathrooms that make you feel cleaner every time, bedrooms that you never want to leave, and a kitchen that always keeps you coming back for more! At each stage of the process, you can declutter and reorganize your belongings.

If during all this, you ever feel like you want to spruce up your home just a little bit, you can enlist the help of home interior designers in Chennai, and welcome with a house renewed!