Wood is a much loved material that has a number of uses from paneling to parquet flooring. When sourced and processed responsibly, it is also an eco friendly option for home remodels or renovations.

From teak to satin, there are many types of wood available, each with its own strength and aesthetic appeal. Knowing which one suits your unique needs best is essential to creating a sustainable home. Here is a brief overview to give you an idea of the popular types of wood and where to use them.


Rosewood or sheesham is most suitable for living room and bedroom furniture as it can be used in different polishes and finishes. Found largely in Southern India, it can withstand varying temperature conditions, and is also termite resistant. Although it falls on the pricier side, it is a worthy investment because of its durability.  

Teak wood

Produced locally in Kerala, it is the most commonly used type of wood in home interiors. Sturdy, cost effective, and water-proof, it is well suited for flooring, outdoor furniture, and door frames, in addition to other furniture such as bed frames. Reach out to home interior designers in Chennai to learn how best you can use teak wood in your home interiors.

Oak wood

Oak can withstand heavy use. It is therefore a popular choice for flooring, and furniture that see a lot of everyday use. Oak planks treated with varnish are often used for parquet flooring. Available in a range of colours that fit any palette, it adds a hint of luxury, and a lot of warmth to your home interiors.

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Satin wood

This fine grained wood gives a luxurious look to your home interiors. With the right polish, you can get just the finish you desire with satin wood. Although a bit high on maintenance, it’s classy and vintage aesthetic appeal makes it a popular choice for decorative furniture.

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Cedar wood

Cedar wood is a great choice for wardrobes and chests, and a suitable veneer for shoe racks, and other wooden accessories. This is because it has a sweet scent that deters bugs but pleases us humans. It is, therefore, a favourite material for building saunas. The natural oil found in the wood makes it resistant to decay from changes in temperature or humidity. Found in beautiful shades of red and white, it is also very easy to maintain.

When sourced and incorporated responsibly, wood can do wonders for your home interiors by making it more sustainable, durable, and warm. If you are overwhelmed by the options available to you on the market, consult home interior designers in Chennai to make the most of this eco friendly material.