How to create a foyer when there isn’t one?

The first impression is the best impression they say. Hence when it comes to a home, it is the foyer which creates the first impression. It serves a creative and practical purpose.A cozy and welcoming foyer can set the vibe and tone for the rest of your home. This is where you drop your keys, or simply, catch a breath, before you go in. But, if your home doesn’t have a foyer, all you need is a little bit of creativity to fashion a makeshift one that is no less impressive. So consult Home Interior Designers in to get started.

Craft a sit down storage

entryway foyer decor ideas

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If the wall adjoining the entrance door gives you enough room, you could use the space to set up a minimal and comfortable seating area. Thus consider it an added bonus if it packs a built-in storage or a shoe rack. While open cabinets let you show off your collection of footwear and add to the aesthetic appeal, closed ones give a cleaner look and feel. So top it off with a piece of wall art or a statement mirror for the finishing touch. However you can also brainstorm with the best interior designers to design a space that truly works for you.

Create A Gallery Wall

foyer gallery design ideas

A gallery wall intrigues the visitor. Tell a compelling story with your family portraits, or showcase your art collectibles.Therefore use bold colors and frames that exude vitality. Also throw in a snug seater to create a friendly conversational space.Furthermore for foyer design inspirations, you can always contact interiors company in Chennai.

Opt For A Console Table

foyer console table

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Take a hint from this DIY foyer. It has an elegant glass top wooden table that does a lot of things. With photo frames that tell a story, a burst of fresh flowers, and a place to drop one’s keys, it is both functional and artistic. Also complete the set up with a wicker basket for footwear, or just use the space under the console table to line up your shoes. The mirror catches the artwork, and the chandelier, give one a foretaste of what is to come!

Rearrange Your Sofa

Place the sofa with its back facing the front door. This way sofa doubles as a divider to create the illusion of an entryway. Furthermore with area rugs you can demarcate the entrance from the living room. Hence get in touch with home interior designers to create a foyer if your home doesn’t have one already.

Use A Room Divider

If you don’t want visitors to have a direct view into your living room, choose a classy room divider. Make sure the divider complements the colour, style, and theme of your living room, but ensure you choose a size that doesn’t block the path into your home. Alternately, you could place an open back shelf with plants, books, or other accessories.

A foyer is a poetic and liminal space where conversations begin with welcoming embraces, extend and linger, unmindful of goodbyes. Reach out to the Best Interior Designers, if you would like some tips on fashioning a foyer in your home.