Wood you look at that – flawless furniture with TLC

Why team Vibrant is one of the top interior designers in Chennai

Wooden furniture never goes out of style, but to keep the timeless sheen, you need to give them TLC on the regular! Especially because they are highly susceptible to abrasion, scratches, and wear and tear from constant use.

The good news is that there are little things you can do to make wood maintenance easier in the long run. Here are some tips and tricks our experts at Vibrant swear by to help you take better care of your furniture.

Knowledge is power 

Whether your furniture is made by bespoke furniture designers in Chennai or readymade, you need to know what type of wood is used to take the best care of it. From teakwood to the emerging favourite mango wood, you can read more about some of the most commonly used types of wood in India

Place it right

Sunlight can cause even the finest materials to fade over time and your wood is no different. Over time, your furniture becomes susceptible to dark spots and discoloration when exposed to long hours of direct sunlight.

When you are planning your home interiors or building your home, talk to your interior designers and plan the placement of your wooden furniture to limit the damage as much as possible.

Pro Tip: If you are unable to move your furniture around to keep it away from direct sunlight, you can minimize the damage by covering it with a cloth or upholstering it.


Wooden furniture, when maintained properly can last for years – you don’t always need Fevicol to keep your sofa together! And you can do this by just making a few simple changes in the way you take care of it. Swap your regular dusting cloth for a feather duster, treated cloth, wool duster or a lint-free cloth. Instead of using a regular solution to wipe off the surfaces, use a mix of oil-based alcohol solution with vinegar.

You can always talk to our expert team of interior designers in Chennai to know more about your wood and to take care of your wooden furniture in the best way possible.