Nail Your Decor Consult: The Virtual Edition

Nail Your Decor Consult: The Virtual Edition

COVID may have disrupted everything, but our love for beautiful homes stays strong. And while the pandemic has forced us to reimagine every aspect of our lives, transforming your space is no different. With the help of technology and the expertise of our team, we now offer virtual interior design consultations. Here are a few easy steps you can take to prepare yourself for a chat with our décor experts!

Prepare for The Journey

When you consult with the best interior designers in Chennai, it is important to give them as much information as possible before your virtual consultation. We recommend you take pictures of the space from different angles, and during various times of the day. This will help the designer understand the space, and mirror the offline consultation experience. Therefore, you will give them the best tools to create interior magic in your home!

Identify Your Non-negotiables

It is easy to go down a Pinterest spiral when you are trying to design your home online. But not all that glitters can make its way into your house. A nice rule of thumb to employ, especially when you are designing virtually, is to zero in on things that you are not ready to compromise on. For some of us, it may be a grand bathroom; for others, it may be an outdoor seating area – find yours and build your home around it. However, be sure to talk to your interior expert before arriving at any decision.

From Dreams to Paper

Once you have an idea of how your space could look, our luxury interior designers in Chennai will put paper to pen and create realistic renders of your virtual interior design to show you how your home should look. We leave no stone unturned and miss no detail to craft the space of your dreams. If you are unsure of some elements in your design, ask our experts for a virtual tour of where we may have used similar materials in the past. This can help you visualize how your space will look once it is complete.

Add Final Touches

Ask any expert, and they will all tell you that no space is complete without furniture and trimmings. We don’t want your design to look incomplete either. In addition to our line of bespoke furniture products, we can incorporate the furniture of your choosing. Send us the link, and we will gladly include them in our 3D renders, so you can see how your finished home will look like.

It’s a great idea to get started with the design process in prevailing circumstances. By the time you get your renders ready, the world will be ready for you to begin work on your interiors! Additionally, we prioritize your safety above everything else! Every member of our staff is vaccinated and is tested periodically because we don’t want you to just have your dream home, we want you to have a safe haven. What are you waiting for? Schedule a consultation with our experts today.