Best interior designers in Chennai
Best interior designers in Chennai

Buying your home in the heart of the city is nothing short of our wildest fantasies come true. Still, we all have our own ideas of what our ideal home should look like. When it comes to living with your family, like Mr. Shyam, it’s no longer just your dream, but that of your whole family. So, what do you do when your dream doesn’t match theirs?

The Brief and The Challenge

When this family’s desire to buy their own home came true, Shyam realised that they had clashing design ideas. While his parents wanted a space that looked and felt similar to traditional South Indian homes, Shyam and his wife preferred something more contemporary. Aside from their stylistic differences, the family unanimously wanted to transform the kitchen into one that was more suitable for modern homes. Additionally, Shyam also mentioned his love for films and requested a space where he could sit back and enjoy a good classic. 

Interior designers in Chennai

Spoiler alert! Our interior designers in Chennai used innovative designs to address the juxtaposition of tastes and create a space that all members of Shyam’s family could wholeheartedly love. Here’s how they did it.

The Transformation

With the aforementioned constraints in mind, our team of expert interior designers in Chennai created a stellar 5 BHK house design that gave our clients everything they’d asked for and plenty more. Here’s a quick look at The Shyam Residence today!

The Room of Requirements

Best interior designers in Chennai

Nothing spells old-school South Indian quite like the pairing of dark wooden elements with pastel tones. We created an 80s vibe in the living room by bringing together a few different elements such as the feature wall with traditional leaf motifs, a false ceiling made up of wooden rafters and a statement glass painting on arched doors. However, the stucco texture on the feature wall brings the home right back into the present era. 

The Stairway To Heaven

Home interior designers in Chennai

The winding staircase going up three floors is a play of classic and contemporary elements. While the balusters are reminiscent of old-school South Indian homes, the athangudi tiles show off trendy Morrocan patterns.

This Kitchen Opens At The Close

Modular kitchen in Chennai

To address one of the client’s biggest requests and create a contemporary vibe, we opened up the kitchen and created a cosy, informal space by adding dining counters. These work to separate the kitchen from the dining room without closing off the space with a wall. The U-shaped layout works to maximize available workspace while still leaving plenty of room to move around. The kitchen boasts modern-day conveniences such as built-in gas hobs, a refrigerator with French doors, sleek bar counters with embedded LED lights, and plenty of overhead storage.

Bedrooms Straight Out Of Dreams

Best interior designers in Chennai

In this 5 BHK house design, we gave each family member a space that reflected their style. For the older couple, we used wooden rafters in the false ceiling much like the living room to create a more traditional feel. However, the young couple’s bedroom design involved exposed brick walls and LED track lights above the bed to perfectly suit their contemporary aesthetic. For the kid’s room, we gave the little one a custom, tree-shaped bookshelf that adds playfulness to the space. We also installed beautiful, custom-designed French bay windows in each bedroom, with built-in shelves to store all the books on the family’s TBR pile.

Transfiguring a Terrace to a Theatre

Interior designers in Chennai

To give Shyam the relaxing home theatre experience he wished for, we added a small 600 sq. ft. room on the terrace. Our team decided to go with light-weight brick walls and a slated roof to reduce the load on the existing structure. Inside, we gave him a sound-proof space furnished with a large plush sectional that’s perfect for family movie nights. There’s even a small bar, should Shyam feel like having a nightcap to go with his movie marathons. 

Custom Pieces

Even after we checked off all the requirements on the brief, our team wanted to go a step further for this family. Keeping the family’s fondness for old-school South Indian design and decor in mind, our interior designers in Chennai created a custom, traditional-style granite Tulasi planter to go in the garden. 

All said and done, this 5 BHK home design pushed our team to explore the boundaries of our creativity and problem-solve with design.