Home interior designers in Chennai
Home interior designers in Chennai

Pongal is that time of year in Chennai when we get ready to bid adieu to cold winter days and welcome the warmth of spring and sunshine. It is also the first harvest season of the year. Therefore, creative home interior designers in Chennai use sun and nature motifs to get a space ready for Pongal celebrations.

Here are a few cute ideas to spruce up your space for Pongal.

Go Green

This harvest festival is the time to go all out with greenery. You could decorate your walls with streamers made of mango leaves. Or how about sugarcane sticks with green leaves to anchor the pooja altar? Little touches of nature can make the festival come alive even in urban areas.

Play With Your Rangoli

Home interior designers in Chennai
Rangoli doesn’t just add colour, it can also bring an element of fun to the festivities. If you have the space for it, create elaborate and artistic Rangoli drawings. However, in smaller homes, colourful mandalas bring a celebratory pop to your space. If you are new to drawing rangoli designs, here is a video tutorial of a super cute pattern that even a beginner would be able to pull off.

Bring Traditional Flair to Your Foyer

Best interior designers in Chennai

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Nothing says it’s time for festivities like lamps and diyas in the foyer. In most South Indian homes, people use pedestal lamps to light up the entrance during Pongal. However, if space is a constraint, our home interior designers in Chennai have an awesome alternative for you. Try out these traditional diya streamers with LED lights. They are brighter than regular lamps, have a desi charm and don’t take up precious room on the floor. Now, that’s a win-win!

Turn Kites Into Decor

Interior designers in Chennai

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Pongal or Sankranti is when people flock to their rooftops and fill the sky with colourful kites and lanterns. This year, rather than buy new ones, try your hand at recycling your old newspapers or scrap papers and create DIY paper kites. If you cannot play with them after the festivities are done and dusted, you can use these worn kites as wall decor, particularly in kids rooms.

These are our 4 quick and easy ideas from home interior designers in Chennai to prepare your home for the upcoming Pongal celebrations. Do you have any special decorations during Pongal?