Interior designers in Chennai
Interior designers in Chennai

Every homeowner has stood at the crossroads between choosing a factory-made modular kitchen and hiring a carpenter to create a kitchen from scratch. Both options have their merits. Before you decide, it is important to understand the needs of your space and find the option that ticks all the boxes. In this blog, we’ve illustrated the advantages of carpenter-made kitchens and modular kitchens in Chennai to help clarify any queries you may have.

Advantages of Modular Kitchen

  • Cool and Chic!

You can’t deny it. Modular kitchens look sleek, sophisticated and beautifully put together. Since they come in a set, all the pieces such as the counters, island and the cabinets, match seamlessly.

  • Easy to Install & Modify

Since they are built in a factory and assembled on-site later on, a modular kitchen in Chennai is designed to be easy to put together and take apart. They also come in pre-made sets that make it easy to switch out your cabinets for tiered drawers if you change your mind a few months down the line.

  • Customized Storage 

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Your storage needs in the kitchen don’t end with cabinets and drawers. That’s why modern kitchens are more than simple box cabinets and counters. They offer many other storage options such as pull-out pantries, dish racks, and more. 

  • Free of Mess

As a homeowner, you’ve certainly experienced home remodelling projects that end with sawdust or paint in every nook and corner of your home. However, with modular kitchens, the wood is cut to size and sanded down in the factory or warehouse. Therefore you won’t have to clean the space for sawdust.

Advantages of Carpenter Made Kitchens

  • Personalised to Your Needs

You don’t always want a one-size-fits-all design for your home. In such cases, carpenters come to the rescue. Rather than pick your kitchen from a catalogue, carpenters can create a space that’s to your exact specifications. These can be as simple as custom cabinet and counter heights to match your appliances or as complicated as a unique design for your asymmetrical kitchen. 

  • Assured Quality

With carpenter-made furniture, you know exactly what’s used in your space. From the quality of the wood (durable MDFs vs a cheaper ply) to the type of finish for your cabinets (matte, glossy or eggshell), you have ultimate control over the materials, especially if you’re handling the purchases yourself. You can also splurge just a little and get sustainable and VOC-free supplies. 

  • Flexible Pricing

Often, if you know the carpenter and have a good relationship with him, you can negotiate a better deal. Carpenters are also more willing to accommodate additional design changes and alterations free of cost. 

Now that you know more about carpenter-made vs factory-made kitchens, have you decided the right option for you? Either way, our interior designers in Chennai can easily give you the kitchen you deserve!

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