In the world of interior design, luxury is more than a marketing buzzword. It is a way of life. But, what does luxury mean?

Luxury Home Designs

Luxury can be interpreted in many ways, from lavish and glamorous to refined sophistication and elegance. What is glitzy to one can be in poor taste to others. Which is why interior designers for luxury homes often take inspiration from myriad different schools of design. However, despite the differences, they all share a few common traits.

In this blog, let’s delve into the 5 essentials that turn a simple home into a luxurious abode.

  • Utmost Comfort

As Coco Chanel said, “Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise, it’s not luxury.” We shouldn’t have to get off the couch just to set our drink down. Nor should working from home cause a stiff neck and back pain. From 1,000 thread count sheets and a spacious claw-foot tub, to drawing curtains with an app on your phone, luxury design effortlessly marries pleasure and ease in every aspect of daily life.

  • Personal Touches

True luxury is when you are free to express yourself, in a space that celebrates your fabulous quirks. Our interior designers in Chennai define luxury spaces as those which reflect the nuances in the client’s personality. If you are a globetrotter with desi sentiments, the decor could take inspiration from your hometown while paying homage to the places you’ve travelled. Your love for art can come through a mural of Van Gogh’s starry night on your bedroom wall.

  • Sustainable Spaces

arranging furniture in living room

Furry rugs and animal busts are a thing of the past. Today’s designers don’t just fill our homes with lavish fixtures and decor. They ensure that our quest for a beautiful home does not harm the environment. Therefore, contemporary luxury designs include sustainable alternatives such as bamboo wood, VOC-free paints, cruelty-free upholsteries and other such materials. Our interior designers in Chennai use sustainable design principles to create homes that are timeless and energy-efficient.

  • Cohesive Design

Often, it is easy to ensure one room looks beautiful while neglecting the bigger picture. It’s important that a home doesn’t make you feel like you’re entering a time warp, where each room exists in a unique dimension. Luxury home designers make sure your entire home tells one style story, while retaining the personal flourishes that make a space pop.

  • A Touch of Glam

floor pattern ideas

Sophistication is an intrinsic part of luxury homes, but a splash of gold isn’t always the best way to add glamour to a space. Silk fabric, velvet upholstery, French windows and sparkling chandeliers are just a few tools in the arsenal of luxury home designers.

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