Sustainable Homes
101: The Top 5
Tips for An
Ecological Home

The effects of climate change felt in every corner of the globe and in every industry. Hence sustainability has transformed from being a mere buzzword to a way of life. It has become the forefront of conversation in interior designing as well. We have become more mindful of our consumption patterns. Therefore expert interior designers in Chennai ensure our homes are also sustainably designed, furnished and decorated. Here’s a quick guide to eco-friendly home designs.

What are a few basic guidelines on creating a home that is less harmful to the environment?

Eco-Friendly Home and Sustainable materials

FSC certified wood

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is a globally recognized certification designated for wood that is harvested responsibly, socially beneficial, environmentally conscious, and economically viable.

Reclaimed, recycled or salvaged wood

With advancements in technology, wood scoured from building rubble, old warehouses and barns can become recyclable and reusable materials. Therefore such salvaged, unmarred or decayed wood can transform into bespoke new furnishings.


bamboo lighting designs

Bamboo strips are glued together and transformed into ‘plywood’ panels that look and behave much like regular wood. Since a bamboo plant matures in 6 years, it is considered a more sustainable source for the furniture industry than oak or beech that takes over a decade to fully grow.


rattan wood furniture

Rattan is a vine native to tropical regions of Australia, Asia, and Africa. Hence it is increasingly popular material among-st home interior designers in Chennai as it is both lightweight and durable. Also this wood is also naturally resistant to insects.


The volatile organic compound, VOC, in paints and polishing materials can cause allergies and other long-term health problems. Therefore to have eco-friendly walls, paint over them with 100% organic, VOC-free paint. Also this vastly improves the indoor air quality.

Vintage & second-hand shopping

While furniture shopping, the most sustainable option is to give a new leash of life to old furniture. Home interior designers in Chennai often use vintage furniture to add charisma to your interiors without the added eco-footprint. Although it’s not cheap, such furniture is usually worth the investment, particularly because it ensures our earth’s precious resources are not wasted.

Eco-Friendly Home and Energy efficient light fixtures

energy efficient light fixtures

Energy efficient LED lights are the best in terms of sustainability as they maintain well-lit interiors while saving electricity. Therefore Timed controls, built–in passive infrared and ultrasonic sensors based controls guarantee maximum efficiency.

Appliances with an energy-star rating

An energy star rating on electrical appliances indicates how they comply with the mandated guidelines regarding energy efficiency.Hence reduce your energy consumption by ensuring all your appliances, from the air conditioner to the curling iron, have an energy rating of 4 stars or above.

Logistics and shipping

In today’s global economy, production chains are scattered all around the world. The wood is sourced from South Africa, fabric from Japan, and finally the furniture is manufactured in India. Hence one way to reduce the logistics burdens is to do your research on furniture designers and to shop locally. For instance, the custom furniture we use in our designs are made at our manufacturing units units in Chennai and Jodhpur using expert craftsmen and high-quality local materials.

Look forward to more sustainability-related information and recommendations from our expert interior designers in Chennai. Therefore for now, hope we helped foster your journey towards an eco-friendly home.