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Making The World A Better Place, One Home At A Time

The spaces we live in contribute more towards our carbon footprint than we realise. The materials and products we use impact the sustainability of our life. Therefore, it is the responsibility of our interior designers in Chennai to come up with eco-friendly interior designs. Below are the three main principles they keep in mind when creating sustainable dwellings.

Energy efficiency is the name of the game

Energy consumption is a major contributor to climate change. Controlling indoor temperature and lighting can ensure mindful use of energy. The best interior designers in Chennai help do this by creating spaces that maximise natural lighting and ventilation. This way, homeowners don’t rely too heavily on air conditioning to create a cool space. In colder climates, home interiors include building insulation, high-quality windows and plush rugs and carpets. Research suggests that carpets help retain over 10% of heat within the home.

Keep an eye on environmental impact

From production and transportation, to processing and disposal, the materials and products we use impact the environment at multiple stages of their life cycle. Choosing those with the lowest environmental impact is the key to eco-friendly interior designs. Therefore, opt for materials that are quickly renewable and extracted in an environmentally responsible way. Bamboo wood is an excellent choice for a quickly renewable material. Its shoots grow up to 30 centimetres overnight!

Reduce & reuse

Interior design and fashion have one thing in common. Both these industries have made it en vogue to discard or replace items that are no longer trendy. At Vibrant, we understand that a truly eco-friendly interior design is one that remains timeless. That’s why we’ve partnered with reputable brands from across the world to ensure our clients get the best quality interiors possible. This way, their furniture looks brand new for a long time. In addition to this, our designs take inspiration from timeless silhouettes, which ensure your home is forever chic and fashionable.

These are the three key principles our interior designers in Chennai adhere to, when creating lasting home interiors. To know more on this topic, read our blog – Sustainable Homes 101: The Top 5 Tips for An Ecological Home.