Tranquil, inspiring or glamorous – every home has a unique vibe. This stems not from the shell but the inspiration and decor that goes into creating every little space. The challenge is to create statement homes that perfectly marry your practical interior needs with an aesthetic that describes YOU. As one of the best interior designers in Chennai, Vibrant Spaces is always up for this challenge. 

Whether it is accommodating heirloom furniture in a contemporary home or having a modular kitchen gleaming and ready to get steaming in under two weeks, our team will make sure you get what you need. Don’t take our word for it. Here’s a quick glimpse into some of our best and most-ambitious projects:

  • The One with Simple Elegance   

Minimalism doesn’t have to be about white, sparse spaces. At the core of minimalism is simplicity. When we figured Mr. Natesa Vallava’s style, we combined wooden panels, soothing hues and geometrical shapes to create a space that is simple, elegant and high on utility. Cheeky bursts of colour break the monotony – like the coffee-spill inspired backsplash in the kitchen or the hint of green and gold in the bedrooms. The balcony, where Mr. Vallava spends most mornings and evenings, is the highlight of the house. Decked with its comfy hammock, backlit walls and plenty of greenery, we’ve turned a simple space into a tranquil nook. 

  • The One(s) with the Heirlooms

Indians can be quite sentimental when it comes to family heirlooms. So, when Dr. Sivakumar and Dr. Soumya wanted to incorporate their family’s traditional pillars into their home, we built them into the main living space. The rest of the interiors hinge on these rustic columns. From brick walls to inscribed stonewalls, we added an old-school charm to their dream home. 

In the Khanna Residence too, we integrated the family’s 45-year-old sofa into a home that is bold and contemporary. From a custom-made, café kitchen door to engravings in the religious corner, the Khanna Residence is proof that the best interior designers in Chennai can bring any vision to life. 

  • The One with Something for Everyone 

A multi-generational home with wildly different ideas and needs can be hard to design. But with the best interior designers in Chennai, nothing is off the table and the Shyam Residence is a testament to that. This extraordinary home marries traditional quirks with trendy touches. For instance, a royal wooden indoor swing and a lead motif laser-cut in the balcony railings fulfilled the traditionalists’ desires. On the other hand, exposed brick walls, well-designed bay windows with inviting seats offer a contemporary space for the modern couple. A customized branching bookcase and pops of colour made the little one’s room also come alive. 

  • The One with the Tight Deadline 

While perfection is important, so are timelines. We at Vibrant are sticklers for schedules. When Mr. Waseem Shaik wanted to move into his home in two weeks, our team worked round-the-clock to have his cupboards and kitchen ready. Mr. Shaik was left in awe of the quality and the timeline! From the intricate detailing to the perfect clean-up, our team proved before doubt that you can count on Vibrant to get the job done without any hassles!

  • The Ones That Ooze Opulence

For those who want their homes to gush elegance and sophistication, we have you covered! In Ms. Anitha’s home, we used marble in all the common areas, lush drapes and delicate, cascading dividers that blend seamlessly for a luxurious vibe. From the customized headboard in the master bedroom to bespoke furniture and careful colour-coordination, we ensured that the house would be an epitome for a life well-lived. 

For Mr. Sam’s dream home, we let our imagination run wild to match his exquisite tastes. A regal, bold interior with a variety of materials and textures creates a quirky yet plush décor that speaks to his style.  

The One That YOU Want

For your tailor-made home, Vibrant Interiors is here to do what it takes. From designing interiors from scratch or giving your existing home a facelift, to renovating your kitchen or giving you a walk-in closet, we can transform every space. Our team of the best interior designers in Chennai will customize your home with the aesthetics that define you.