After the pandemic, with people spending more time indoors, most of us are looking at their homes through new lenses. We want more space without compromising on the little trinkets that make our house a home. It isn’t surprising then for bespoke furniture designers in Chennai to see homeowners take a sudden interest in floating furniture. 

Why Float?

In small, compact spaces, floating furniture can work wonders. In fact, minimalists have been turning to floating hacks for years to make their spaces look larger! Simply pushing seating to the centre of a room to create more movement pathways, or installing cool levitating shelves, can be great space-saving moves. 

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Here’s the thing though. Floating furniture doesn’t have to be limited to small spaces. It can lend a contemporary touch to any space. If you are looking for some floating furniture hacks to spruce up your interiors, there are many bespoke furniture designers in Chennai, like Vibrant Spaces, who can help you. 

Here are some ideas:

  • Levitating Desks

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A writing desk installed on your wall, instead of being rooted to the floor, can lend a super sleek and modern touch to your study. In a more compact house, this can be a great space-saving hack. Tuck an x-bench or stool under your floating desk or add a bookcase above it to take advantage of the vertical space. 

  • The Couch and the Loveseat

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As mentioned earlier, pushing furniture to the middle of a room can balance out visual weight and create intentional pathways. In a small space, rather than choosing multiple chairs to accent the couch, try adding a loveseat angled perpendicular to the main sofa. This can help segregate the room, while still maintaining a cool and open floor plan. In a bigger living room, pairing a sofa with multiple loveseats can create a warm, cosy environment. You can use ottomans, pouffes and funky single-seaters to bring in a desi touch.

  • Dining Tables

In a home that’s starved of space, dining tables are often pushed to the side. This makes one side of the table completely unusable, thereby wasting precious space. But, floating dining tables could help create a functional dining area that is also easy to move around. Just make sure to use nested chairs that can be neatly tucked underneath the table until they are needed. The table doesn’t have to be completely central either; a little off-centre means you can define the movement flow based on how you arrange it. 

  • Nightstands

Floating nightstands can be the perfect addition to your room and they lend the bedroom an airy vibe. Pair it with a sleek hanging pendant to ensure you have enough surface area for your books, knick-knacks and scented candles. 

  • Cabinets

Floating cabinets paired with a wall-mounted television is becoming the norm in most modern living rooms. While you get a clean sophisticated look, the cabinets can hide your old (but gold) DVDs, photo albums, remote controls, wires, etc. 

Create Some Magic

Floating furniture may not be the right fit for everyone or every room. Yet, when done tastefully, it can be functional, classy and magical. Get in touch with Vibrant Spaces, the best bespoke furniture designers in Chennai, for an exclusive consultation to see what floats your home décor boat.