Typical Indian homes, especially in metros, are compact spaces. It isn’t unusual for a family of 4, or even 5, to live in a 2-bedroom apartment. When you throw in hand-me-down furniture, books collected over the years and your knick-knacks taking over every square inch of space, it can all start to feel overwhelming. But you know what? Just because a space seems small, doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of it! With a little bit of help from our expert interior designers in Chennai and a keen eye for detail, a smart 2BHK house design can be done just right to give you all you need!

  • The Magic of Multi-Purposing 

To make the most of a 2BHK house design, think of ways you can use one area in multiple ways. For instance, look at how this L-shaped living-cum-dining area artfully combines a puja space!

Also, consider multi-purpose furniture. Tasteful sofa-cum-beds in the hall, a chest of drawers that doubles up as a showpiece and beds with storage can cut through the clutter. 

  • Think Vertical 

Whether you use cabinets, shelves or full-length curtains, using tall furniture pieces or more of the wall  can free up your floor. Thus, your room looks spacious than before. If you’ve got a narrow hallway in your 2BHK, add some paintings up high to create a dramatic space illusion. 

  • Don’t Cut Corners

Sometimes, even the most awkward corners can be turned into beautiful nooks. Add a desk and compact chair for a corner workspace or use the corners to show off your knick-knacks like in this crafty home. 

  • Open it Up

Closed off rooms can make a space seem much smaller. So, break down those walls. An ideal area to use that trick is in the kitchen. Space? Check. Chic look? Check. Breakfast bar? Why not? The right interior designer in Chennai can make an open kitchen fit seamlessly into your 2BHK house design

Now, don’t despair if you’ve tested a few of the above and are still stuck with a tight space. As the best interior designers in Chennai, we still have a few more tricks up our sleeve.

  • Create an Illusion with Mirrors

A tried and tested interior design trick – mirrors on a wall makes any space seem spacious. If you have a small room, mirrors can add depth. Glass is also an excellent option, since reflective surfaces enhance lighting to make an area look larger. Think of a glass-topped dining table and glass-display shelves in the living and dining area or full-length mirrors in rooms. 

  • Watch the Hues

Colour plays an important role in space illusion as well. Darker hues can make spaces look small while light, pastel shades give more breathing room. Think soft colours like beige, cream, pastel peach and the likes for a more inviting feel. 

Get Some Expert Advice

Whether you want to remodel your existing house or are moving into a new one, get some expert advice on how to win the space war. Vibrant Spaces is adept at alternative design approaches that will transform your 2BHK house design into a functional, beautiful and magical place that you can proudly call home.