Smart kitchen appliances for homeowners that live in the future!

Smart kitchen appliances for homeowners that live in the future!

Smart kitchen appliances can’t clean up after you cook up a storm, but they can make the experience infinitely more enjoyable. Our expert interior decorators in Chennai have rounded up some of the best appliances that can change the way you look at your kitchen! Read more to know how you too can live the smart life! 

Double-door delight

Make way for the future – smart fridge. It does more than just cool your beverages, and keep food edible. When connected to the internet, it also keeps track of your groceries and gives you reminders to buy essentials. You can also personalise your fridge so your family can leave each other notes through the day. But that’s not all! This fridge also doubles up as an entertainment unit for you to stream your favourite shows or your favourite Spotify track as you cook away! 

Baked to perfection

When you are baking your world famous triple chocolate cake, how many times do you open your oven door to check if it is done? Our guess is, not less than five! But with a smart oven, you will have an inbuilt camera to effortlessly check the status of your dish. Forgot how many cups of butter to add? The oven has your back! You can browse for recipes on the oven top, and can even add a list of your favourite recipes so you can go back to it anytime! 

A microwave that talks

Have you ever had the annoying experience of heating up food in your microwave, only to forget about it until hours later. The smart microwave comes complete with voice commands that can help you reheat your food on demand. Most smart microwaves come with child locks and inbuilt timers, and are only marginally more expensive than the ‘non-smart’ variant. 

Thinking beyond appliances 

While smart appliances are great, in order to have a truly smart kitchen, you need to think beyond just appliances. Even the most futuristic appliances are moot if you have to turn switches all the time! Consider going all out for a kitchen that doesn’t just respond to voice commands, but also offers a centralised console to operate the LED lights, coffee maker, and more from your phone. After all, it’s not about changing the way you cook, but about revolutionising the way you live! 

All of these devices can easily be purchased online, or at any leading appliance stores across the country! Want to know if your kitchen is eligible for a digital upgrade? Schedule a consultation with our interior designers in Chennai today!