How to choose the right waterproof plywood for your home!

How to choose the right waterproof plywood for your home!

Plywood is a staple in homes all over India, and for good reason. It is extremely durable and pliable. However, can plywood be used in geographies that are prone to humidity? Our experts are here to help with all things you need to know about waterproof plywoods. 

How are waterproof plywood boards made? 

Plywood derives its strength from the different layers of wood veneer that have been bonded together under high temperatures and pressure. But are all plywood waterproof? No! Waterproof plywood gets its water-resistant properties from the bonding material used – such as a synthetic plastic resin that can make wood virtually impervious to water. 

In order to choose the right type of waterproof plywood boards to use in your home, you must first identify where you are going to be installing it.

In low moisture conditions 

Low moisture conditions call for plywood that has been fortified with a coat of paint or laminate. This creates a layer that keeps moisture and water out and prevents it from causing damage to the wood. Another option is to chemically treat the plywood with a polymer matrix.

In medium moisture conditions

In areas of the house that are likely to see moderate moisture conditions, you can consider Moisture Resistant (MR) grade plywood. This is typically made with treated resins that are resistant to humidity and moisture. While it is moisture resistant, it cannot handle being doused. This makes MR plywood the ideal choice for areas like bedrooms, living rooms, or a study room.

In high moisture conditions

If you live in a tropical climate, our interior designers in Chennai recommend Boiling Water-Resistant plywood (BWR). They are made with phenolic resins that have been specially treated to make them water-resistant. This is perfect for areas like the kitchen and bathrooms, and when installed right, it will look as good as it did on Day 1. And its capacity to repel water over prolonged periods makes it the ideal choice for interiors. 

For all weather conditions 

Plywood is also a great choice for the exteriors of your house! Boiling Waterproof Plywood, also known Marine Plywood is 100% waterproof, and is extremely durable. This type of wood is used in the construction of ships, so rest assured that when used around your house, it can withstand humid conditions. 

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