Endless blue skies, blooming bougainvillaea, and bright sunshine – the summer comes with a burst of beautiful colours! It’s the perfect time of the year to introduce a range of pastel colour combinations into your décor! From baby blues and periwinkle to mauves and mint greens, top interior decorators in Chennai are using a soft, pale palette to liven up your interiors.

The most obvious way to incorporate pastels into your home is to splash them on walls. A peach wall paired with wooden furnishing can make for an inviting living room. So can a pale yellow wall! Yet, there are other interesting ways to introduce such soft hues into your home.

  • Play with the Furniture

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

When thinking of any colour, our first instinct is to splash them on walls. But, introducing pastel hues through furniture could have a subtler effect. A chic pink sofa can be a great pop of colour against neutral white or cream walls. Pewter grey seaters pair elegantly with this combination. In a bedroom, you could add a misty pink ottoman or a baby blue seater for a hint of vivacity.

  • Make it Monochrome

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

A pastel monochrome colour scheme is a fun way to design vibrant yet sophisticated interiors. Pick out furniture and fabrics for your space that are in the same hue, but come with different saturation. For instance, in the below image, look at how the sheets, curtains, chair, rug and small decor pieces on the end table are a subtly different shade of salmon pink. But, they come together beautifully to create a dreamy bedroom.

  • Play with Accessories 

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Want to create an eccentric vibe without making the space feel juvenile? Unconventional decor and accessories that come in soft, muted shades could give you the desired effect. Consider pieces such as soft vintage florals for wall decor, or woven plant baskets painted in blush pink! Get inspired by this quirky living area that plays with yellow, pink, green and blue wall plates to add character to your space!

  • Pot the Pastels

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Are you blessed with a green thumb? Pastel plant holders can be an instant hit both indoors and outdoors. Imagine a little basil plant or cherry tomatoes growing out of a pretty, cotton candy or terracotta pot. How adorable is that? From room corners to table-toppers, these are a quick and easy way to incorporate this soft colour palette into your house, particularly if you follow a neutral colour scheme everywhere else.

  • Colour Your Cabinets

Cabinets occupy a significant portion of your kitchen, so why settle for regular wood tones? Pastel mint or sage green or a soft powder blue could turn your modular kitchen in Chennai into a calming space – exactly the vibe if you need to tackle labour-intensive gourmet recipes.

  • Go Bold with the Door

Go Notting Hill on your doors and you’ll instantly stand out from your neighbours. Feeling particularly brave? Then, try painting your main door a blush pink or coral shade to create a cheery welcome! If not, you can always opt for a subtler shade like chalk grey.

Get Vibrant 

Need some assistance on how to seamlessly incorporate pastel colour combinations into your home décor? We can be your interior design consultant in Chennai, always ready to turn your dreams into a beautiful reality!