If there is one thing most decor experts can agree on, it is that false ceilings are here to stay! When used intelligently, they have the power to elevate any space. While interior designers in Chennai are spoilt for choice with the amount of materials available in the market, nothing beats the versatility of Plaster of Paris (POP). Its multi-functional properties make POP false ceilings the most sought after when it comes to upgrading homes. 

What is POP?

With gypsum as one of its main components, POP comes as a dry powder that can be mixed with water to form a firm paste. This in turn can be moulded to craft a myriad of different patterns and intricate designs. The advantages don’t end here! POP retains the design imprint until you are ready to redecorate again, making it one of the most attractive options for homeowners. 

5 Reasons to Get a Pop False Ceiling 

  • It’s malleable 

Best false ceiling in Chennai

If you want a statement ceiling with unique designs and motifs, then a POP false ceiling is your ideal choice. It is extremely adaptable and malleable. Therefore, when it comes to imagining your space, your roof is the limit (literally)! 

  • It’s Durable 

We are all too familiar with the unforgiving summer heat, but we are here with good news. POP false ceilings have heat-insulating properties, and promise to give you some respite. The gypsum in the POP reduces the occurrence of cracks, making it perfect even during the torrential downpour of the monsoon. Ditch the fair-weathered friends and put your faith in all-weather POP false ceilings instead! 

  • It’s Easy to Paint Over

Once fully cured, POP presents a firm and smooth surface to paint. The chemicals in POP don’t adversely react with paint and can produce visually stunning results. So do away with boring ceilings, and say hello to compliments today!

  • It’s Cheaper Than the Rest

From pure gypsum panel boards to wood and metal, there are endless possibilities to choose from. While aesthetics play an important role in the final choice, price is just as important. When it comes to materials that are easy on the pocket, POP is 20-25% cheaper than gypsum in most cases without any change in its design options.

  • It Pairs Well with Other Materials

Best false ceiling in Chennai

POP has great adhesive properties that pair beautifully with other materials. Materials such as glass, metal jaalis, wooden panels and exquisite lighting are perfect additions to your decor. Let POP act as a canvas for your stunning designs.

The Final Word

POP false ceilings are multifaceted, easy to source and easy on your pocket. If you want a statement false ceiling in Chennai, reach out to Vibrant Spaces and our team of the best interior designers in Chennai will help you design the roof of your dreams!