Pinterest has made life infinitely easier, both for designers as well as homeowners. Gone are the days of picking out ideas from design magazines. Now, our interior designers in Chennai only have to open an app to brainstorm with our clients. However, we have to be mindful of its limitations while picking out home design ideas. Here’s why we believe that platform cannot be the singular solution to all your design needs.

Mood swings!

While Pinterest is an endless source of inspiration to many, it also shows you all possible variants of a style. Scrolling through the app can have you second-guessing every one of your design decisions. Therefore, you’re perpetually stuck in the cycle of creating mood boards and never executing your grand plans.

Disproportionate spaces

The same home design idea that has a stunning effect in a 5-BHK could make a 2-BHK feel cramped and cluttered. On the other hand, a design that’s perfect for a studio apartment will make a duplex feel sparse and empty. Therefore, the prettiest pictures on Pinterest may not work well for your apartment if you don’t consider available space.

Homogeneous homes

Pinterest is heavy on trends and focuses on the most popular home design ideas. Often, searching for a particular style of interior design shows the most stereotypical version of that style. For instance, looking up an industrial living room could result in images of exposed brick walls, metal pipes, etc. But, the style is much more than that. It can encompass everything from concrete to warm wooden pieces. 

With more and more of us using the platform as a catalogue to pick out our home design ideas, this can lead to a regurgitation of certain styles and looks. Rather than coming up with unique spaces that fit your needs, this approach shoehorns your lifestyle into what is hot right now. So, every home starts looking exactly like the other.

Pinterest is a wonderful place to look for designs that complement your style and work for your space. There’s endless inspiration available on the platform, but there is no one to offer an educated opinion based on the available space and your personal style. This is where our expert interior designers in Chennai come in. While Pinterest can help streamline your thoughts, it’s down to an expert designer to bring your vision to life. Therefore, trust an expert to give you their professional opinion. After all, they have a better understanding of the logistics involved in recreating a certain look in your home, and can also help personalise your space to fit your lifestyle.