Best interior designers in Chennai
Best interior designers in Chennai

If you’ve ever seen a glossy, magazine-ready modular kitchen in Chennai, then chances are they’ve used acrylic cabinets. Acrylic kitchen cabinets are durable, low maintenance and cost-effective as compared to other alternatives. They also come in a variety of finishes, such as high-gloss, matte, etc., to ensure you have as many options as possible to create the perfect kitchen for your home. 

Here is a comprehensive guide on choosing the right finish for your acrylic kitchen cabinets.

High Gloss

Modular kitchen in Chennai

All interior designers in Chennai will tell you that the glossier the surface, the more light it reflects. High-gloss acrylic reflects light in myriad different angles and lends your kitchen a spacious look. With this type of finish, darker coloured cabinets are perfect for smaller kitchens as they don’t absorb light.

Unfortunately, with such reflective surfaces, colour cast is very common. This means the colour in your decor is splashed across the kitchen. The glossy surface also casts light on every little imperfection such as greasy fingerprints. 


Modular kitchen in Chennai

When you don’t want a super-reflective surface, or want a subtler or muted look in your space, then consider opting for a matte finish. This is particularly suited for kitchens that have a traditional style with routed cabinet fronts. With this finish, your greasy fingerprints are far less visible. 

However, since the flat surface absorbs light, we recommend that you only use this in a spacious kitchen with plenty of natural light. If you’d like to have matte acrylic kitchen cabinets in a smaller space, then make sure to use light colours such as white, ivory or beige.


Modular kitchen in Chennai

Semi-glossy acrylic kitchen cabinets are a happy medium between the high-gloss and matte finish. They have a certain degree of light-reflective tendencies that mask the imperfections in the space, while the reduced shine also ensures consistent colour. This allows you more freedom in your choice of appliances, utensils and decor. This type of cabinet finish is therefore suitable for most modular kitchens in Chennai.

We hope this helps you choose the right finish for your acrylic kitchen cabinets.

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