Patterns and possibilities in the kitchen

Patterns and possibilities in the kitchen

Granite for kitchen countertops is India considered by interior designers in Chennai and the world over as the gold standard in kitchen countertops. It is created in an atmosphere of extreme pressure and heat, so it is well known for its durability and strength. Learn from our experts on how you can use this in the kitchen can enliven your life.

Coasting On Countertops

A beautiful workstation is an integral part of a kitchen’s design. Granite for kitchen countertops in India is an ideal choice as it is water-resistant, easy to sanitise, and impervious to high heat. Being naturally stain-resistant, granite is a boon in Indian kitchens, which use a lot of oil and turmeric. Not just for chefs, it is also a baker’s delight, as it the perfect surface for rolling out Indian breads, pie pastry, and even pizza!

Workstation Wonder

In the post-pandemic scenario, the work-from-home is still a preferred option for both employers and employees. Hence, space needs to be utilized intelligently, whether you live in a snug 1BHK apartment, or a palatial home. The cool surface of the granite offers an ideal platform for high-performance equipment like laptops, tablets, power banks, etc., which heat up quite rapidly. What’s more, you do not even have to run back and forth anymore to grab a quick bite or cup of coffee!

Clamouring For Cladding

Granite excels in performance at many levels, and wall cladding/backsplash is one of them. As much as one tries to keep it dry, a kitchen is a space of considerable water usage and spillage. Granite wall cladding forms an impenetrable barrier for your walls, protecting them from moisture and mildew.  Using it as a continuation of your countertop enhances visual aesthetics.  Do you already have a countertop in place? No problem. With granite available in multitudes of finishes, patterns, and colours, it would be easy to match your wall cladding to your existing countertop and also make a smooth transition to the rest of your home.

Simply floored!

After reinforcing your walls and stabilizing your countertops, could flooring be far behind? A robust addition, a polished granite flooring with its stunning reflective surface will convert your beautiful kitchen into Narcissus; if it had eyes, it just wouldn’t be able to get enough of itself. It is also a dream for those who are particular about cleanliness for it can handle any amount of obsessive cleaning without a whimper. Goodbye bacteria and germs!

Down To the Nitty-Gritty

As you can see, granite makes a stunning addition to the visual wealth and health of your kitchen. Polished, honed, or leather; bold or muted; speckled or dotted, both classic and traditional spaces benefit from its timeless high-end look. At Vibrant Spaces, with our expansive knowledge in using this wondrous stone, we ensure it is a work of art, wherever you choose to use it in your home.