Modern Minimalism Makes A Strong Debut At Vibrant Spaces

Modern Minimalism Makes A Strong Debut At Vibrant Spaces

When it comes to home décor, you’ve got to love young blood. They have the zest to work on unique designs and are willing to put in the extra hours to make your home’s vision come true. That’s the energy that Pooja Soni, one of Vibrant’s newest and young architects, brings to the table with her designs. 

Equipped with over four years of experience in the field, her ideas are fresh and distinctive, even as she balances it out with the client’s vision.  

Pooja’s preferred style is modern minimalism – simple, clean and functional designs that have strong vertical lines. At the same time, she likes to experiment with accent colours and modern elements to bring in a more playful element to her décor. Think peach, grey, and white tones that are quite in vogue this season, with a pop of color to break the monotony. 

While she enjoys the designing process from start to finish, it is the common areas like living rooms and recreational rooms that she loves working with the most, as they incorporate the needs of different people, making it a fun challenge.

In this home, Pooja has maximised space utilisation with storage in different spots while maintaining the warm undertone that a common space like a living room demands. The space under the stairs has been converted into a storage area while the entrance seater also has storage space. She has used complementary, muted colours to give the home a sophisticated touch.

Real Life Inspiration

Pooja has worked on multiple projects with different companies and that has shaped the way she thinks about design, inspiring her to create based on her past experiences. For one, form always follows function, she says, and the functionality of a home is much more important than its form.

And she is a woman who knows how to work with what’s given to her. For instance, in a home without much natural lighting, she knows just the right hacks to make it better lit and inviting. Simple false ceilings in the living room, exposed lighting and focus lighting in common areas and the bedroom, and special lights such as LED-rimmed mirrors in the bathroom can work wonders, she says. 

For instance, in this home, she played with natural and artificial lighting to create a space that is well-lit and vibrant.

The lights lining the passageway accentuate the space, adding depth.

Pooja’s Approach to a Project

The initial layout can take anywhere between one to one-and-a-half months. To start off, Pooja begins with the space planning outlay. Then she talks it out with her client, providing plenty of reference images and examples. If the client has a clear idea of what they want, she incorporates that into her plan. Only once the client is satisfied with the idea does she move on to sketching and beyond. 

The Vibrant Way

If you were to look to Pooja and Vibrant for your home’s interior décor, the one thing you can be assured of is authenticity. Both Vibrant and Pooja are insistent on unique and fresh work that fit client briefs. The other advantage of choosing Vibrant would be work as promised. “We’re very clear about what can be done and can’t be done. In the designing phase we set expectations that are attainable,” Pooja emphasized. “We don’t give false hope.”

If you want a hassle-free and a beautifully designed home within guaranteed timelines, then Vibrant can provide you that for sure. Book a consultation now to learn more.