6 Materials to Choose From For Your Kitchen Countertop

6 Materials to Choose From For Your Kitchen Countertop

Kitchen countertops are the most used part of a kitchen. It is where the prep happens – from chopping and rolling, to plating and sometimes even eating. Therefore, when designing or redoing your kitchen, it is paramount that you choose the right material for your countertops. 

Traditionally, granite has been one of the most popular option for kitchen countertops in India, thanks to its durability and heat-resistant nature. It also doesn’t chip or crack easily. It works especially well in households where a lot of cooking happens, and if there are little, budding chefs around! 

However, as lifestyles have changed and aesthetics have started playing a bigger role in homes, the options available for countertops have increased. From concrete and tiles to quartz kitchen countertops in India, a wide range of materials are finding their place in homes.

Choosing the Right Countertop Material

Selecting a good kitchen countertop comes down to certain parameters. Before you explore the different options available in the market, first consider how you intend to use the kitchen. If you are someone who cooks every day and makes elaborate meals, then you need a countertop that is durable and easy to maintain. If you plan to get takeout most of the time, then you can opt for an aesthetically appealing countertop. 

If you run a home cooking business, then the countertop you choose needs to be able to take the weight. 

You also need to consider the sanitary aspect of a countertop. Indian households use kitchen countertops for reasons like rolling rotis or chopping vegetables. If the countertop is porous and uneven, not only will it be difficult to use it for these purposes, but it will also accumulate dust and bacteria, which can become a health concern.   

In general, before you narrow down on a material, first consider:

  • Your lifestyle
  • The different uses for your countertop
  • How much maintenance it will need
  • The durability of the countertop
  • The outlay of your kitchen

·  Your budget and the cost

Six Most Popular Kitchen Countertop Materials

1. Granite
As we’ve already discussed, granite is one of the most popular and common kitchen countertop options. Granite is essentially a natural stone that is mined and polished to create slabs. It has numerous advantages like heat resistance, easy maintenance and a non-porous surface that makes it ideal for a home kitchen. It is also resistant to scratches and stains.


2. Quartz

Quartz kitchen countertops in India are gaining popularity for their durability, easy maintenance and antibacterial properties. Moreover, quartz is an engineered stone that is 95% natural stone combined with 5% polymer resin. So, this material has been developed for long-lasting use. It doesn’t need sealing or waxing. For those with an L-shaped kitchen with a lot of activity, it can be a compact, sustainable and resilient choice. If you choose to have an island countertop in your kitchen, quartz is hardy enough to take the heat while looking sleek and modern at the same time.

Here are some images of quartz countertops in kitchens interior designers in Chennai:

3. Concrete

A relatively new entrant in the kitchen countertops market, concrete is gaining quick popularity. It is a fully malleable material, allowing you to add grooves, features and other elements onto your countertop. It can be left in its natural shade of grey, or you can choose to amp it up with colours or other artificial finishes. It is definitely high on durability. However, it stains very easily and can be expensive because of the labour costs involved and periodic sealing required. Maintenance is also harder compared to stone tops.

4. Tiles

If you want a retro-looking and unique kitchen countertop, then tiles can be a good option to consider. They are a great DIY option too. However, tiles crack quite easily and will require regular grouting, which can make them a difficult material to maintain. If you’re not one to cook too often or use the kitchen countertop to just place food and eat off it, then tiles can be a cute addition to your home.

5. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is the most popular option in commercial kitchens because it is stain-free, can endure heavy cooking, heat and doesn’t crack. If you run a home cooking business, or have a large family that you cook for, then this can be an option to consider. They’re also cheap, although you may have to forego the overall look of your kitchen.

6. Marble

A natural stone that is marvelled for its beauty, marble countertops can elevate the look of your kitchen in an instant. It is elegant, luxurious and perfect for L-shaped or even galley kitchens. If you’re a baker, then its cool surface can be a delight to work with. However, marble is expensive and can be difficult to maintain, given that it requires frequent sealing. They are also known to crack at high temperatures.


The Right Fit

Choosing the right fit comes down to your personal choice and cooking habits. You can also play around with different materials. For instance, you can use stainless steel for the sink area and use quartz or granite in other places. For a built-in chopping board, you can install a wooden slab as part of your countertop. 

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