3 Interior Design Hacks to Save Money & Energy

No matter the size of our wallets, every one of us would love to save electricity and reduce our bills. In this blog, we delve into how the right interior design hacks can do just that for you.


  • Ventilation
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Windows and doors, placed appropriately, can maximise the air flow and natural lighting in your space, thereby reducing your need for artificial lights and AC. Studies show that when placed on the east or west, they lead to much more energy consumption than when placed in the north or south.

  • Thermal Insulation
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Thermal insulation ensures a naturally cool environment in your home and reduces the use of air conditioning. Even if you cannot completely forego the AC, proper insulation can enhance its performance.

  • Wall Colours
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Light colours reflect light while dark ones absorb it. Likewise, the former also does not absorb heat. Therefore, interior designers in Chennai use light coloured wall paints to create naturally cool, bright spaces which in turn help reduce the use of lights and AC.

  • Window Treatments

The right window treatment can reduce indoor heat, particularly in the summer months.
Double glazed glass panels and block-out curtains are just a few of the options available in today’s market. Some blinds are also specially engineered for insulating your home.


Furniture absorbs heat as it has a thermal mass. Having excessive amounts of it can make your home feel uncomfortably hot. It also blocks the light produced by your fixtures. This reduces their effectiveness and creates a space that is dull rather than bright and vibrant. Instead make use of smart furniture to get the most functionality of your home with the least amount of furniture. To know more on space-saving furniture, click here.

Interior Design Fixtures

Interior design hacks for light fixtures

Replacing your old and rusty appliances with modern day, energy-efficient ones can help save electricity. In particular, choose appliances certified with a minimum of 3 star rating by the BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency). You should also change out dull and worn-out incandescent lamps for brighter and energy efficient LED lighting. Using task lighting such as a reading lamp in your nook is also a clever hack to reduce power consumption. We hope this blog showed you new ways to incorporate energy efficiency into your homes. Do you employ any such electricity saving measures in your own home? Our comment section yearns to know.