Entryway lighting ideas can set the tone to your home. They impress, stun, and are gateways to creativity that make a lasting impression on the beholder. Foyer lighting is an absolute necessity, and offers a glimpse into your lifestyle. You can invoke different emotions with the kind of lights you choose. 

A variety of choices are available for lighting an entryway, no matter how wide, narrow, or tiny. From chandeliers and pendants to sconces and recessed lighting, your options are endless, and bound only by your imagination. Vibrant’s home interior designers in Chennai have curated the top five lighting ideas to glam up your entryway.

Lighting Idea #1 : Charming Chandeliers

Entryway Chandelier

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Embellishing your entryway is best done with a chandelier. Bold and glamorous chandeliers come in several artistic styles. Colonial candle styles, cage, sleek drums, and charming crystal chandeliers are charming entryways lights. Hence a grand and dramatic chandelier can pack a punch that no other foyer lighting can.

Pro Tip: Small chandeliers work well in a small entryway. 

Lighting Idea #2 : Elegant Wall Sconces

wall sconces

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Wall Sconces offer a welcoming glow to your entryway without taking away space for your furniture or the passage. A series of wall sconces on both sides of the entryway can draw attention to the passage while providing a grand entry. So select from a variety of colors, designs, shapes, and finishes to give your entryway a unique statement look. 

Pro Tip: Our interior design company in Chennai recommends sconces that come with multi-directional lighting options to adapt based on the surface and the focus. 

Lighting Idea #3 : Charming Ceiling Fixtures

Ceiling lights elevate the look of the space because they cast a pleasant and aesthetic tone to the entryway,. Interior designers in Chennai pick ceiling lights as one of their favorite entryway lighting options. But, if you do not wish to pack your wall with lights, then these lights do the trick. Hence ceiling lights score high on functionality and style. Recessed lighting, back-lit jalli, and spotlight variation styles are a few choices that can turn your entryway around. 

ceiling lights

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Pro Tip: Ceiling lights don’t have to blend in the way other lighting does. Experiment with various styles and don’t be afraid to mix and match different kinds of lighting. 

Lighting Idea #4 : Perfect Pendants

Pendant lighting ideas range from using a single, statement pendant or a group of lights set in a series. In both modern and traditional entryways, pendants are the perfect glamour fixture. Since pendant lights draw the viewer’s attention upward, thus creating an illusion of taller entryways. Using a single pendant or a cluster depends on the size of your foyer space, and how much you want to illuminate it. 

Pendant Light

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Pro Tip: Pendant lights are perfect in corner spaces and add a dramatic effect to your foyer space.  

Lighting Idea #5 : Heroic Lamps

Heroic Lamps

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Lamps are a charming highlight to an entryway. From Victorian-style wall lamps to floor and table lamps, they lend an aesthetic vibrancy to the entire home. Our  interior decorators in Chennai recommend the trend of transposing a custom shade to a simple lamp, to create a sleek and fascinating design. Table lamps add sophistication to tables and shelves, while fairy-light lamps light up the foyer space. The options are endless. 

Pro Tip: We can move lamps around with ease to create the perfect entryway and make a stunning first impression. 

Which lighting idea are you likely to implement?