The flooring in a home makes a huge impact on its aesthetic, so it is important to have basic know-how of the best options available, and not end up feeling fooled amidst the daunting options. Designing your dream house could be demanding: it takes time, effort and certainly, money. From the color that goes up on the walls to the furniture that occupies empty spaces, it requires a touch of artistic skill and an understanding of space to put all the pieces together and call it a home. 

“Keep your head in the clouds and feet on the ground,” goes the saying. But what if the ground does no justice to your dreams? 

Here are the types of flooring recommended by the top interior decorators in Chennai:

  • Captain Marble

marble flooring design

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The most popular flooring option in Indian homes, marble gives a classy and beautiful finish. It is easy to maintain, and provides a persistent and exquisite charm without the need for regular replacement.

  • Hardwood Cafe

hardwood flooring

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An atmosphere of café-like elegance is best displayed with wooden flooring. It is almost impossible to go wrong with neutral colors while designing a home. Humidity, scratches, and dents, if taken care of, make hardwood a great option. 

  •  Versatile Vitrified Tiles

The versatility of style, designs, and colors makes vitrified tiles a sought-after choice for home interior designers in Chennai. With the addition of silica and clay to traditional ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles are the go-to selection when it comes to viability and simplicity, when compared to marble or wood.

  • Dalai Laminate

laminate flooring

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Bearing a resemblance to solid wood, but with fewer worries about the humidity of the place, laminate is a cheaper and more peaceful alternative that is resistant to scratches. 

  • P(aw)fect Vinyl

Looking for pet-friendly flooring options could get challenging. Vinyl provides grip and support to the joints, making it perfect for a home with pets. 

  • Cultured Concrete 

polished concrete flooring

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Polished concrete flooring or Indian Patent Stone provides a great mix of rustic look with a timeless style. Its ability to be used with many styles makes it adaptable to any place in a home. 

Other options like carpet, bamboo, and ceramic tiles are also available, but preferred less by the interior decorators in Chennai because of certain limitations. 

Comparison between the different flooring options available in India

  • Vitrified versus Marble

Analogous options with vitrified tiles make it relatively easy for cleaning and maintenance, while marble is a longstanding symbol of luxury and panache.

  • Hardwood versus Laminate

These are both popular options among the home interior designers in Chennai. They are ideal for indoors, with hardwood being slightly more expensive and durable when compared to laminate.

  • Hardwood versus tile

While wood is an aesthetically brilliant choice, tiles are weather-resistant. Wooden flooring needs regular maintenance as it is prone to damage by water. Regular dusting with breakage checks does the job for tiles.

Flooring is essential to the fundamental appeal of a home, and choosing the right one based on individual preferences of comfort, style, and need is the key.