Most of us have felt the allure of a well-designed, aesthetically pleasing home. But thoughts like, ‘I know what I like,’ and, ‘that sounds terribly expensive,’ hold us back. The additional interior designing cost of hiring professional sounds frivolous to a lot of people. 

However, spending a little more on good design today can save you a ton of money, time, and frustration in the future. But, it is best to understand exactly what services a designer renders and how much you can expect to be charged.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while negotiating the interior design cost.

Do your homework

Even before you approach designers for a quote of their cost, it is best to do your homework on industry standards prevalent in your city or state, the design style you prefer and the best designers within that style. This helps lay a strong foundation for efficient communication and better cooperation.

Services included in the interior designing cost

The scope of interior design is almost as vast as the number of designers in the market. Are they just designing the space? Will they help pick out colours, furnishings and accessories? Would their quote include site visits and supervision costs? Be clear on the exact role of the interior designer. For a hassle-free experience, it is best to choose end-to-end interior designers in chennai who will be involved in the whole process from the design stage to final handover.

Other factors that impact the cost

  • Design iterations

Most designers charge a fixed rate for 2 to 3 iterations of a design. In case you’d like to change the sketch any further, they may charge you an additional rate per iteration.

  • Site visit and supervision charges

Some designers have a fixed rate for design services, and charge a separate fee every time they visit the project site. This is why it is important to clarify the scope of services from the get go.

The basis for computing the cost

  • Sq.ft.

Under this method, the designers would charge a fixed amount per sq.ft. The rate per sq.ft can go from ₹100 to over ₹2000 depending on the scope of work involved as well as the expertise needed for the project.

  • Overall cost

Most designers in India would charge a fixed percentage of the overall cost of the project. This can be anywhere between 5-20% depending on the skill and expertise required as well as the reputation of the designer. A seasoned professional is going to charge you a much higher percentage than an up and coming one.

  • Lumpsum

This is usually a combination of the above categories. It is a pre-negotiated figure that varies from designer to designer. Once again, the sum varies based on the experience and reputation of the designer.

  • Hours spent

This is typically for design-only services, particularly online consultations, where the designer has a fixed rate per hour or per session with the client. After a few design sessions, you will get a final design along with a shopping list for all the pieces included in it. This process is perfect for those who prefer a hands-on approach to create their dream home.

Interior Designer in Chennai

That’s everything you need to know about interior designing costs. Still, have questions? Ask away in the comments down below.