Human beings are visual creatures. What we see around us can dictate our emotional, intellectual as well as physical state. This is why as per vastu, colours are said to have a significant impact on the energy of a space. 

Vastu shastra is an ancient Indian architectural system that combines traditional Hindu and Buddhist beliefs to lay down certain design principles. It is said that following vastu guidelines while designing your home can attract abundance and prosperity into your life. In this blog, we talk about six vastu colours and how interior designers in Chennai use these shades to attract optimum good vibes.

  • White

White is the go-to choice of colour for many. In vastu, white signifies purity, serenity and peace. Usually, it is the preferred colour for ceilings. Not only does it adhere to vastu rules, from a design perspective it also brightens up a room and creates the illusion of height. This shade is also the top recommendation for the kitchen and bathrooms. 

  • Red

The colour of romance, passion and excitement, red is a lovely shade to incorporate into your bedroom, according to vastu. Light red and pink undertones can evoke feelings of love and hence, are recommended for newly-weds. However, bright and deep reds also symbolize anger. For those who have a temper or tend to get agitated easily, it’s best to use small bursts of the hue rather than make it a focal colour. 

  • Green

Green exudes positivity. It is the colour of nature, fertility and growth. Vastu shastra highly recommends this shade for spaces that need a soothing vibe. It can be used in varying degrees across the house, from the living room and study to your children’s bedroom. For the simplest way to add a touch of green, bring in a range of potted plants into the space.

  • Yellow

The queen of happiness and illumination, yellow is a fitting shade for those looking to invite wealth and wisdom into their lives. Yellow is at the center of mental energy, hence promoting concentration and power as well. This vastu colour is ideal for your room of worship or study. However, you can skip this colour for rooms that have ample sunlight.

  • Orange 

Another hue that is cheery and vibrant, orange is symbolic of spirituality as well as ambition. This vastu colour is a great shade to elevate the mood and is especially recommended for ambitious youngsters. Orange works well in a study room, bedroom, room of worship and even the kitchen. However, as with red, vivid shades of orange are best avoided if you have an agitated temperament. Opt for pastel shades of orange and peach instead. 

  • Purple

The royal shade of purple evokes confidence, graciousness and poise. As per vastu, this colour can instill a sense of calm and self-respect in those who constantly question themselves. It can also soothe anxiety effectively as well as promote sleep. A pastel purple, mauve or light violet can make a wonderful shade for your bedroom. 

Final Thoughts

Walls are not the only way to incorporate these vastu colours in your home. Furnishings and artefacts can also enhance the vibrations of a space. Before you choose the colour scheme in your home, consider other aspects like natural lighting, direction of the house and the different things that will go into the space to judge what will work best for you to create a home you cherish!