Ever gone furniture shopping and wondered ‘How many people own this exact couch?’ Most of us want our homes to be an extension of our personality. We want it to feel uniquely our own. That’s why at Vibrant Spaces, we offer our clients high-quality, custom furniture that’s designed and crafted by the top artisans and interior designers in Chennai. Here are a few benefits of choosing custom furniture.

The Exact Style and Design You Want

With mass-produced furniture, even after shopping for months, you might only find a piece that closely matches your dream design. However, when you opt to customise your furniture, our designers keep your personality and preferences in mind. Intricately carved, traditional pieces or sleek, minimalist silhouette – you get exactly what you want with custom furniture.

Perfectly Fits Your Space

While custom furniture does take more time, you can choose the perfect materials and dimensions for your space to make the piece fit seamlessly in your space. You can also use it to enhance storage or elevate the style quotient within your space.

Better Quality Materials

Personalising your furniture also means personalising the quality. You can ensure the pieces are made with high-quality and durable materials, thereby extending the lifespan of your furniture as well.

Environment Friendly

Mass-produced furniture is often shipped to you from other cities. They also use materials and finishes that can increase indoor air pollution. Personalised furniture allows you the option of choosing eco-friendly, non-VOC products. They also use locally sourced materials and labour, which ultimately reduces the carbon footprint of the piece.

5-Year Warranty

The furniture pieces made by Vibrant Spaces are carefully designed by the best interior designers in Chennai and put together at our state-of-the-art factories. We’ve partnered with a wide array of luxury brands to provide you with the best quality product at a rate that won’t break your bank. However, in case of any manufacturing or installation defect, you have the safety of a 5-year warranty. This extends to all our interiors, furniture as well as decor items.

Final thoughts

You have a world of materials to choose from to get the exact look and style you want when you opt for custom furniture. Even a single piece can elevate your space and showcase your personality without compromising on quality or sustainability. Furthermore, it is also a great way to support local artisan communities. 

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