The best wardrobe design is one that is in sync with the intricacies of the home and complements the overall aesthetics of the place. Soigné in French means ‘carefully and elegantly done.’ Plenty of options are available for the material that goes into making these wardrobe designs. However, upon vigilant scrutiny, only a few make it to the list of a soigné wardrobe that is done with perfection and utility in mind.

Our top picks for the best materials to choose from, for an urbane wardrobe design:


A classic material, veneer complements both modern and traditional designs. Closest to wood, veneer is made of thin layers of natural wood that create a great look for dark-themed interiors. With regular polish and maintenance, veneer is a viable choice when compared to real wood. 


laminate wardrobe design

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Laminate fashions have a chic and polished (matte and glossy) finish that is not too heavy on the pockets. Interior decorators in Chennai often prefer laminate in bedrooms for its easy cleaning, abundantly available design, and color options. One drawback of laminated wardrobes is that in case of chipping, the complete laminate sheet needs to be replaced. 


Plywood is used commonly as a support base with laminate designs. It serves as an alternative to wood, and provides durability and solid strength for decking up a wardrobe. Supplied in long sheets to minimize wastage and cover-up a larger surface area, it is naturally the more economical choice of fashionable design for bedroom interiors.


lacquer wardrobe

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Polyurethane paint or Lacquer is a glossy finish paint that goes well for a European-themed wardrobe. Its vivid color options make it easy for the home interior designers in Chennai to choose from for an additional splash of extravaganza.

Particle Board

Particle board is a sustainable and need-of-the-hour design option with its raw materials coming from sawdust and discarded wood chips. They are economical, airy and easily customizable, giving them an edge over plywood or Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) designs. 


mirror wardrobe design

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Mirrors are a great wardrobe option when it comes to confined spaces, as they make the room look more spacious. Despite their delicate nature and need for regular maintenance, mirrors give out a sleek and attractive outlook and hence are best options for small bedrooms.  


When thinking of minimalism and contemporariness, glass is the selected choice for all home interior designers of Chennai. Glass wardrobes ensure tidy and sharp upkeep of what’s on the inside and complements sturdy furniture designs with its sparkling light feel.  

Medium Density Fiberboard

MDF constitutes thin particles of wood residue, making it a sustainable solution for wardrobe materials. Since uniform and has smooth exterior, it makes a trusted choice amongst the interior decorators in Chennai when looking at paint on surfaces. MDF is a feasible choice when you compare it to wood or ply – it stocks up on variety with a wide range of color options. 


Good quality leather for a wardrobe speaks of luxury and tasteful design. Pair it up with the hedge board of the bed to make it look a completed thematic design. With endless patterns and design options, leather is a champion of suavity.

Solid Wood

As the name suggests, solidarity and royalty is what you get out of the traditional favorite, wood. The vibrant colors and the minute details of solid wood stand timeless and fashioned by all and best option for wardrobe designs in master bedroom. 

Design your wardrobe using the right material and see the soigné house of your dreams turn into reality.