Home interior designers in Chennai have been including trundle beds and sofas with storage in their home design for ages, but the true potential of space saving furniture is barely explored in most Indian homes. 

As working from home and staying indoors have become the norm, your home should be equipped to adapt to this new reality. Every inch is precious when your home needs to be a gym, a library, and a kid’s playground all in one.

In this article, Vibrant’s top interior designers have curated a list of space saving furniture. This piece of information not only saves space but also enables you to do more in your home.

 Murphy Beds

murphy bed designs

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Most Indian homes have a secondary bedroom for hosting guests. Simply swap the regular bed for a Murphy or a pullout bed that can be hidden till your guests come around for a visit. Fill the space with fitness equipment instead. These even come with built-in sofas, desks or storage, so the room can also double as your home office if needed. 

 Flip Top Vanity

Get ready in style every morning and still have space for reading or getting some work done with a flip-top vanity table. With a desk that has a pullout mirror, you now have a home office and a vanity all in one unit.

Pro Tip:  We recommend adding enough storage for your files as well as your makeup and jewellery.

Pillow seats

With netflix nights and board games becoming a common activity, it only makes sense to have enough seats around your coffee table . If you don’t have ottomans in your home, then use this incredibly simple trick . Stack old, unused pillows on the floor and use them as floor pillows next to the table.

Nesting seats

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Sometimes  you need a large surface and plenty of seating for study or drawing sessions. Just like the Matryoshka dolls, pull out the nesting seats when you need them. And seamlessly tuck them back underneath the table when not in use. You get all the benefits of a large table without it eating up space in the room.

Expandable Tables

Like the name suggests, they can be expanded to seat more than a handful of guests. From the traditional rectangle table to stunning circular designs, you can find a set that matches any home interior style. Your guests might also enjoy seeing how these pieces dramatically change the look of your home. 

Pro Tip: For maximum functionality, choose sets that have additional storage in the seats for your fancy plates and utensils.

These are just a few space saving furniture options used by the interior designers to create functional spaces. Which of these are you excited to try out in your home?