Must have accessories in your modular kitchen

Modern-day modular kitchen accessories have evolved to meet the changing requirements of homes, and our lifestyles. These are some of the fittings that are essential in your cooking space. Here’s a list of kitchen accessories which are must.


modular kitchen drawers

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If you have planned your storage in a way that most items go under the countertop, the drawers system is for you. Talk with your interior designer in Chennai about the usage of both shallow and deep space. All items can be made accessible, by having an extended opening mechanism. Finally make sure there are sturdy partitions, to ensure that the vessels don’t lie in disarray every time the shelves are pulled out.


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Go in for tall sliding shelves, that capitalise on vertical space management. This is a development over the classic open and closed cabinet shelves. Also the unit can also be used as a pantry – store things you’d need less frequently in the higher shelves, and vice versa. Want to jazz it up? Install motion sensor lights on the inside, that turn on when opened.

Cutlery Tray

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It is necessary that your drawers have trays that are built keeping the variety of Indian cutlery in mind. Because an organised space for spoons, ladles, and plates, will ensure that your cooking experience is hassle-free. Finally it is imperative that there is a smooth opening and closing mechanism as this unit will see the most usage in everyday cooking.

Rotatable Shelf

rotatable corner shelf in modular kitchen

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These shelves, that can rotate more than the standard 90°, have become the hero of modern kitchens. Their ability to fit well in corners makes them the preferred solution in space management. The shelf cuts no corners, in practicality. It can be retracted, and pushed back, just as easily. Any contemporary modular kitchen in Chennai definitely stands to benefit from this rotating shelf.

Corner Sink

corner sink design

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This type of sink really pushes the boundaries of how and where a sink is installed. Positioning a sink in the corner saves countertop space, and is unique in aesthetics. This combination of utility and design is especially ideal for smaller kitchenettes. Open kitchens also benefit from this tucked-away sink, that’s not in direct view from the living room.
Now that you know what makes the ideal modular kitchen, you can cook up a feast for your guests, or maybe just a nice meal for yourself.