As greenery recedes to make way for growing cities, a balcony garden present the perfect escape from the concrete jungle. There’s no company like that of nature. Even a few minutes amidst plants can be enormously refreshing. Imagine cooking with fresh herbs from your very own balcony garden, or the sweet fragrance of gardenia flowers wafting through your home on summer nights!

Growing your own vegetables is certainly rewarding, but might be intimidating for beginners. Location and space are important considerations; a good garden is not one that is necessarily large, but one that uses space efficiently. Don’t let the shortage in square feet discourage you. Shelving units conserve floor space and interior decorators in Chennai can create one for your balcony.

Here are some ideas and tips for a good head start. 

Essentials for a balcony vegetable garden


The size of your balcony will determine the choice of containers. Concrete and clay pots are good but heavy options. Grow bags or plastic pots are lighter and easier to handle. 

In today’s urban landscape, balconies might not have sufficient room to accommodate large pots. Vertical gardening is an excellent solution for such narrow spaces. Reach out to interior decorators in Chennai to build the balcony garden of your dreams. 

Gardening tools 

balcony garden tools


Keep a set of basic gardening tools handy – a pair of well-fitting gardening gloves that cover your wrists and forearms, pruning shears, a fork, trowel, and spade for potting and repotting.

Potting mix

Use a combination of soil, cocopeat, and vermicompost for optimum results. Cocopeat improves moisture retention and lowers the risk of root diseases. Vermicompost enhances plant growth by enriching the soil with microorganisms. 

Five vegetables for any balcony garden


The sun-loving, determinate variety of tomatoes, also known as bush tomato, grows only up to four feet, making it an ideal choice for balconies. Roma, Celebrity, and Cherry tomatoes fall under this category. You could pick the plant from a nursery or grow one from seed. Prepare a cage or stakes to support the plant as it grows. A single harvest can be enjoyed in about eight to ten weeks. 

You can grow different varieties of tomatoes simultaneously in well-constructed vertical structures. Some home interior decorators in Chennai provide precise gardening solutions for your space.

Chilli plant

No Indian kitchen is complete without chillies. Primarily known for their heat, chillies are also good for digestion and heart health. From the tiny Bird’s Eye chilli to the long green Jwala, or even Bhut Jolokia for the adventurous, there are several varieties that can be grown at home. A chilli plant requires at least six hours of sun and should be watered no more than thrice a week. Some varieties can be harvested in just sixty days! Unlike tomatoes, the chilli plant is perennial and will continue to produce fruit as long as it is cared for. 


This fibre and potassium rich root is easy to grow in your balcony. With adequate sunlight, radishes grow quickly and can be harvested in a month. Make sure to choose a large container that allows full root growth. Sow two seeds one inch deep into the soil and a couple of inches apart, giving them enough space to germinate. Radishes can also be grown hydroponically.


Native to the Mediterranean region, rosemary herb is used as a seasoning in a variety of dishes and has wonderful medicinal qualities. It is a resilient, evergreen plant that is easy to grow in balconies. Best of all, it keeps bugs and mosquitoes at bay. Trailing rosemary varieties are ideal for smaller pots. Give them well-drained and light soil, good sunlight, and water. 


Spinach grows well in a combination of red soil and compost. Use rectangular pots that are eight inches deep and about a foot long. Plant the seeds an inch deep and apart. Water well. You can expect a harvest in forty-five days. 

Having a balcony herb garden is easier than you think.


Keep in mind that each balcony is different – some might be extremely small while others may not receive direct sunlight. Design planning and solutions depend on factors like the available area and resources. Understanding the space helps in building the right environment for plants to thrive. Home interior designers in Chennai can assist you with garden landscaping for large areas, vertical garden installations for small balconies, and even kitchen garden planning. Remember, no balcony is too small if you have the right tools!


Happy gardening!