More than ever before, 2020 was about learning to spend quality time at home. From creating a makeshift office at home to finding creative ways to mirror a dine-out experience, the year has changed the way we live in pretty much every way. So, it’s no surprise that the way we design and decorate our homes has evolved as well. 

In this blog, our interior designers in Chennai predict which design trends will fall from public favour and which ones shall reign supreme in 2021.

Made in India

As the Government of India promotes the ‘Make in India’ initiative and consumers become more mindful of the origin of the products and services they consume, we foresee more interior designs that promote homeware and decor from Indian artists, craftsmen, and brands.

Ethnic elements

In the same vein as the ‘Make in India’ initiative, we also expect to see a surge in interiors with traditionally desi vignettes. This can be in any form, from something as simple as a mandala wall hanging or kalamkari bedding to a custom-designed jhoola as an extra seat in the living room.

Cheerful colours

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Gone are the days of all-white home designs. We could all do with a little more colour in our living spaces. Thanks to Pantone’s 2021 shades, our interior decorators in Chennai expect a surge of interiors sporting a sophisticated grey and paired with an electric yellow for a pop of colour. Calming ocean hues such as indigo, cerulean, and teal are also expected to rule interior designs in 2021. 

Sustainable homes

With the whole world on lockdown, dolphins came ashore and flamingoes descended on our cities. The Himalayan peaks could be seen from miles away! 2020 categorically revealed the damage we do to our environment and our wildlife. As interior decorators in Chennai, we expect sustainability to take precedence in every aspect of our lives, including our homes. It can take the form of sustainably sourced raw materials, eco-friendly decor, and VOC-free wall paints and furniture.

Segregated rooms

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With most of us working or attending schools and colleges from home, we all want a nook that’s our own. Therefore, gone are the days of open-plan living and extremely minimalistic spaces. Segregated rooms are the need of the day.

Smart homeware

With the onset of Siri, Google Mini and Alexa, our homes are only going to get smarter. Voice-operated furnishings, smart lighting, and one-touch faucets are all set to become the next big thing in the world of home interiors.

Vertical gardens

With gardening becoming a more mainstream hobby, we expect to see much more greenery in our residences. Our interior decorators in Chennai have already seen the demand for vertical gardens surge, as fledgling gardeners from 2020 quickly took to the challenge of expanding their plant collection.


While we are all spending as much time indoors as possible, we cannot ignore the benefits of spending time in nature. Courtyards are the safest way to bring nature back into our lives without compromising anyone’s safety. 

Those are some of our design predictions for 2021. Can you see yourself incorporating any of the above in your own home?