The humble wardrobe is no longer just a functional piece of furniture. Modern interior design trends have elevated it to a central element of room decor. With the right wardrobe design idea, you can completely transform the vibe in your bedroom.

Here’s just a sneak peek into what a good wardrobe can do to your space.

A Work of Art

We transformed the walls of this guest bedroom into an abstract masterpiece by switching out ordinary sliding doors for bespoke acrylic panels. You can create any look you want in your space with this simple technique.

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Versatile Storage

A walk-in closet is every woman’s #ClosetGoals. Yet, without the right variety of storage options, it isn’t as useful as one would like it to be. In this home, we hooked our client up with shelves of different sizes that offered enough room to store essentials, as well as accessories. While the translucent doors compel one to stay organised, the wooden cabinets at the top are perfect for stashing away their seasonal gear.

 Modular Wardrobe Designs in Chennai

The Illusion of Space

Mirrors and glossy finishes help reflect light, thus brightening up any space. In this client’s bedroom, we made use of highly glossy wardrobes to maximize the available space and create a stunning room design.

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Dark Glamour

This dark wardrobe design idea elevates a simple bedroom into an infinitely more stylish and sophisticated space. The tinted glass also helps reflect more light into the room, making it feel airy and bright despite the black wardrobe. 

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Shades of Extraordinary

While working with a monochromatic colour palette, our interior designers in Chennai used this wardrobe design idea to add a pop of colour. The gradients in the wardrobe also bring contrast and patterns within the space

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Mesmerising Patterns

Similar to the first style, this wardrobe design idea plays on having a unique door. In this case, we used the door to introduce a leaf motif and add visual depth to the otherwise minimalistic space. The different brown tones in the wardrobe contrast beautifully against the pristine white space for a touch of warmth.

 Modular Wardrobe Designs in Chennai

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