The Colour of the Year for 2022

The Colour of the Year for 2022

After almost two years of staying indoors we understand the extent to which the interiors of our homes can affect our mood. One of the primary things that define home interiors is the colour scheme. Every year, a new trend pops up, and this year’s is perfect for those looking at a future of working remotely. As one of the leading home interior designers in Chennai, we at Vibrant are on top of global trends and we can say without a doubt that this year, earthy tones and green-greys are the way to go.

Why, you ask? Well, homeowners want a piece of the outdoors within their homes and choosing earthy tones is one way to do that. Green and grey are sophisticated colours that are found widely in nature. For those who care for symbolism, they provide a sense of balance and harmony.

Not just that, there’s so much you can do with these colours. There’s also a bunch of other hues that work with it. Pair it with white or light grey curtains for extra pizazz. Dusky pinks work well with both colours too. Here are some ideas on how to incorporate these shades into your home, keeping with the latest home interior trends.

1. Go Green With Accents

An earthy green, sage or comfort grey are the perfect neutral colours for a large space like the living room or bedroom. What you can do to really elevate a space is to incorporate a dark, jewel-green as an accent wall. This will add some moodiness and character to your room, to make it rich and opulent.

2. Experiment with Furniture

If you want to play it safe with paints, you can always incorporate the shades into your furniture. A deep grey couch can be a sophisticated addition to your living room. If you want to amp it up even further, a velvet green couch can be the statement piece that defines your room. In the bedroom, you can experiment with a green settee or a plush grey-green corner wing chair with pink pillows.

3. Fabrics

Another smart way to incorporate these hues into your homes is through layered fabrics. Go with dark or neon throws in a common area, depending on your style. Add leafy patterned cushions to the living room or bedrooms. If you’re feeling particularly bold, then earthy, green-grey curtains can be a statement piece in your bedrooms.

4. Cook Up A Kitchen

Kitchen cabinets do not always have to be shades of brown. While that’s a classic way to go, you can use green for kitchen cabinets for a contemporary touch. This can range from dark green with bronze handles to lime green and chartreuse. Pair these white or light grey walls for a distinct effect.

5. Bring in the Plants

If you don’t want to go heavy on colours in your home, another way to liven up the space is with indoor plants. They’re perfect for a fresh and earthy feel. Not only will they support the aesthetic, they will also add to the breathability of your home. Don’t just restrict them to the veranda. Feel free to add potted plants to corners in your living room or even introduce some in the bathroom. Add colour with the pot you pick.


Clearly, this year’s jury on colour is out and its earthen greys and greens. Our tips are just some of the ways you can use these in home décor. As one of the best interior designers in Chennai, we at Vibrant can incorporate these in other creative ways. Reach out to us for a consultation today!